Julie Chrisley Makes Pear Relish With Mother, Fans Have Questions

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Julie Chrisley is not nearly as active as other members of her family on social media. So, Chrisley Knows Best fans find it especially refreshing when she posts something new for them to talk about. And, that’s just what happened with her most recent Instagram post!

Julie Chrisley recently finished a project with her mother.

Turns out, Julie Chrisley has been hard at work on a project with her mother. They’ve been doing a little cooking together! And, it involves a tradition and family recipe. How fun!

Julie took to Instagram to share a snap shot of the finished project. And, she took some time to explain the details in the caption of her photo. What is it that she and her mother have been working on? Jars of pear relish!

Yesterday’s project! My mom and I made homemade pear relish! This is something my grandmother and I did every summer from the pear tree in her yard. Gosh how i miss those days.”

Julie noted in the hashtags attached to the caption that this project was “a lot of work” and that it was a “family recipe.” The photo featured a couple dozen baby food sized mason jars filled with what Julie revealed to be pear relish. Yum!


Chrisley Knows Best fans had questions, not familiar with pear relish.

Chrisley Knows Best fans are always happy to shower Julie and her family with love and support. But, this post really seemed to get people talking! Shared on her profile just four hours ago, fans really wanted to know more about this pear relish. Turns out, a lot of Julie’s followers were not really sure what pear relish actually was.

Even those that understood it was likely relish made out of pears… They still had questions about what type of food you put pear relish on. So, the comment section of the post filled with a lot of questions. And, some, just wanted to know if she’d share the recipe so they could make some too!

  • “What is [pear] relish? Never had it, but it sounds good.”
  • “What do you put this on?”
  • “Is your recipe online? My sweet neighbors gifted us a bunch of pears from their tree yesterday.”
  • “I would love to know how you make it! Sounds interesting!”
  • “Did you put a video of how you made it? I’ve always liked to learn how to preserve.”

Julie also had several followers praise her on keeping the tradition alive. They assured her that her grandmother would be proud of her.

Unfortunately, Julie has not responded to any of the chatter. But, it has only been a few hours since she posted!

So, have you ever had pear relish? What food do you put pear relish on? Would you like to try Julie Chrisley’s cooking? Tell us about it in the comments!

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