Joe And Kendra Duggar Get Backlash Over New Photos

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

On Monday evening, Counting On stars Joe and Kendra Duggar shared a new series of photos on their shared Instagram account. The couple and their two young kids, as well as some of the Duggar and Caldwell family members, went boating.

Joe and Kendra share several pictures of themselves, their kids, and their family members on the boat. They write, “It’s always fun spending time together on the lake!” They also tagged both the Duggar and Caldwell families’ Instagram pages.

While this was likely meant to be a happy and positive post, fans didn’t look at it like that. They were quick to point out that 9-month-old Addison isn’t wearing a life jacket in the photos.

In one photo, Addison is sitting in a laundry basket with a blanket and toys. She’s on the boat, as the boat seats are visible in the background. In another photo, she’s sitting on the seat beside her uncle on Kendra’s side of the family. While two-year-old Garrett is wearing a life jacket, Addison is not.

One of Joe and Kendra’s followers commented, “Babe needs a life jacket too. Stay safe.” In another comment, that fan noted, “just a safe comment, lost a babe last weekend in the river. No insult intended ever when it comes to life and saving it.”

Plenty of other fans are asking where Addison’s life jacket is. So far, Joe and Kendra have yet to reply to any of the comments.

Some fans are arguing that Addison was with Kendra’s mom, as she had posted some photos earlier in the day. But, based on the photos Kendra, it’s obvious that Addison was on the boat.

Joe and Kendra Duggar also called out over lack of social distancing

Several of Joe and Kendra’s followers also pointed out that the couple isn’t staying safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Joe and Kendra have been spending a lot of time with both of their families. One of Joe and Kendra’s followers mentions how people think it’s okay not to practice social-distancing when they’re around family. They say, “I swear..any and all ideas about what is common sense in the time of a pandemic has gone out the window.”

Other fans voiced similar concerns about the family’s lack of social-distancing.

Joe and Kendra often get parent-shamed

The Counting On couple doesn’t share many posts on their Instagram account. And, based on the reactions to their latest post, fans can guess why. Over the past few months, when the couple does share photos or videos, they get backlash for how they’re raising their kids.

Duggar fans seem to be concerned about the kids’ safety. In one video, Garrett is running around at a playground with his shoes untied. Fans have noticed a handful of other safety risks too.

So, do you think it’s a big deal that Addison isn’t wearing a life jacket? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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