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Here’s More Evidence Of A Possible Duggar-Caldwell Courtship

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For months, Counting On fans have speculated about a possible Duggar-Caldwell courtship. Fans might recall that Lauren Caldwell is the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell, who married Joe Duggar.

Well, it’s looking like it’s possible that a Duggar guy is interested in Lauren.

As TV Shows Ace reports, Joe and Kendra documented a boat trip with the Caldwell family. It just so happens that James Duggar tagged along. So, this further fuels the courtship rumors. It’s possible that he was spending time with Lauren so he could get to know her better.

It’s worth noting that the two families are very close anyway. So, maybe they’re simply hanging out as friends. But, because it’s been a while since a courtship announcement has come out, fans believe this may be something more than a friendly gathering.

Plus, Lauren isn’t pictured on the boat with the rest of the family. But, James might be getting to know the family better, whether Lauren is there or not. It’s possible that Kendra didn’t include any photos of her sister as a way to keep any courtship gossip to a minimum prior to an official announcement. They may be courting already but waiting to make the big announcement on the show sometime this season.

Which Duggars are old enough to be courting?

There are actually several family members who are of courting age. Typically, the kids are as young as 18 years old when they enter courtships. Here’s a quick look at who is old enough to court:

  • Jana, 30
  • Jeremiah, 21
  • Jedidiah, 21
  • Jason, 20
  • James, 19

Fans previously thought a different Duggar guy might be courting Lauren. So, it’s possible that James isn’t the one for her. Since she’s 20 years old, she could be courting any of the guys mentioned.

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Whose courting announcement happened last?

Duggar fans might recall that it’s been a while since there’s been a courtship announcement. John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett started courting in June 2018. Now, they are married and have a young daughter, Grace. So it’s definitely time for another courtship announcement. Fans expect one to come soon, but it’s unclear who it will be as many kids in the family are eligible.

Perhaps it will be James and Lauren, or maybe it will be something else. When talking about the current season of Counting On, Duggar patriarch Jim Bob hinted that there’s something “brewing.” Could it be a courtship or something else?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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