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Gwendlyn Brown Comes Out As ‘Raging Bisexual’ & ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Are Confused

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Sister Wives fans have speculated for a period of time now that Gwendlyn Brown was a member of the LGBTQ community. Turns out, the observant fans were correct. Gwendlyn Brown recently updated her about section on her Twitter profile. “Raging Bisexual,” the Twitter profile’s about section reads.

Gwendlyn Brown hasn’t mentioned her coming out on Instagram.

Now, Gwendlyn Brown is more active on Twitter than she is on Instagram as of late. But, her Twitter account is fairly new. And, fairly small. Her Instagram profile does clarify her pronoun of choice with a rainbow emoji. It doesn’t, however, bluntly label her as “bisexual” the same way that her Twitter profile does.

Moreover, it has been nearly two months since she last shared something on her Instagram profile. She, however, does remain active on her Instagram Stories from time to time.

Sister Wives fans are confused, what is a raging bisexual?

It is important to keep in mind Sister Wives fans aren’t taking issue with Gwendlyn Brown coming out as bisexual. They, however, find the label she used on Twitter confusing. More specifically, fans find the phrase “raging bisexual” to be baffling. That’s what has fans of the TLC series talking. Because angry is the first word that comes to mind when people hear the word raging… Fans were pretty confused.

So, what does raging bisexual mean?

To help answer the question, we’ve done a little digging. What does Gwendlyn Brown mean by being a raging bisexual? When you do a Google search for raging bisexual the first thing that comes up is urban dictionary. Urban Dictionary describes the phrase as a term to describe someone who absolutely enjoys being with both men and women. This differs from a bisexual individual who prefers to swing one way or the other.  Urban, however, also suggests this terminology is primarily used on social media.

Some chatter about the term also suggests it refers to someone who is solid, confident, and dedicated to their orientation. Basically, someone who is still experimenting with their orientation… Or, someone unsure of their preferences… Is NOT someone who would be a “raging bisexual.”

The Sister Wives star has already been hit with trolls.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to support Gwendlyn Brown coming out of the closet. In fact, Brown revealed she recently had a “Karen” sending her messages. Brown went on to confirm the individual was “homophobic.”

Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball notes coming out of the closet it is a huge deal for someone in such a fundamental family like the Browns. Katie goes on to explain there is “no tolerance” for this lifestyle choice within their religion. So, Katie describes Gwendlyn being so open and outspoken about it as “amazing.”

So, does Gwendlyn Brown coming out of the closet surprise you? Sound off in the comments down below.

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