Melissa Rycroft Reveals Feelings Towards Jason And Molly Mesnick Ahead Of ‘The Bachelor: GOAT’

Melissa Rycroft via Instagram

It’s been more than a decade since Melissa Rycroft appeared on The Bachelor. At the time, she was crushed and humiliated over Jason Mesnick breaking her heart on live national television. He went on to marry Molly Malaney. After all these years, how does Melissa feel about Molly and Jason? She went to social media to share her feelings.

Melissa shares how she feels about Molly and Jason

Melissa went to Facebook to share thoughts on tonight’s Bachelor GOAT episode. And, she’s sharing her feelings towards Jason and Molly. She started off her post saying, “Please be kind to us tonight….” She continued, “Listen, nothing about it was ideal, I think we can all agree to that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the outcome was inevitable.”

Melissa went on to say she is always asked if she is mad about everything that went down. She said, “Why? Why would I be? (First….I was never mad at her at all….). But over a decade later, we’re both married, both have beautiful families, so why still be upset? We all moved on from the situation so long ago, that having to relive it again almost feels like watching other people go through it!”

She still thinks highly of them

Melissa went on to say, “So please be kind. Jason and Molly are great people who have created a beautiful life together. And I’m right where I am supposed to be…and with who I was meant to be with. None of us are angry, none of us hold a grudge, and oddly none of us regret it, because look where it took us! We may have come out if it all a little scarred, but it made us all so much stronger!”

She continued on jokingly saying to please enjoy the horrendous fashion trends that appeared throughout this season. Melissa concluded saying that may be the most embarrassing thing to come out of the season.

Everyone is happy now, including Melissa

While things were intense when Jason’s season aired long ago, it all worked out. Melissa went on to marry Tye Strickland. They have three beautiful children and a life they can be proud of. Jason and Molly also married. They had a beautiful daughter, Riley, and they also have Ty. He was Jason’s son from a previous marriage.

Jason was a fan favorite from the beginning and was loved for his genuine heart and honesty. He was the single dad America couldn’t wait to see as The Bachelor. Of course, he received tons of criticism over his break-up with Melissa. He’s still a great person though and things worked out as they were meant to.

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