‘LPBW’ Fans Think Audrey Roloff Is Editing Photos To Alter Bode’s Hair

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Audrey Roloff and her son Bode’s hair is currently a hot topic of conversation.

While Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy stepped away from Little People, Big World… Fans still follow them. Fortunately, Audrey Roloff updates her Instagram with a healthy amount of content featuring their two young children.

Now, LPBW fans know Ember Jean Roloff has gorgeous blonde hair. But, things are a little less clear when it comes to the hair color of little Bode James Roloff. In fact, fans aren’t really sure what color Bode’s hair actually is. The little one’s hair color has actually been a hot topic of conversation recently. Why are fans discussing Bode’s hair color? Keep reading for everything we’ve uncovered.

Does Audrey Roloff actually have red hair?

According to Soap DirtLPBW fans have questioned if Audrey’s hair was actually red in the past. She, however, as adamantly denied using hair dye to brighten the red coloring of her hair. She insists her hair is actually as red as it appears in the photos. In fact, Audrey once responded to the questions on social media. She insisted she’s never used hair dye before.

“I know A herself claims not to dye her hair but I just can’t buy it,” a Reddit user said in response to the topic of conversation. “I don’t know a ton about hair but I know red hair pretty well and it’s a fact that redheads have less hair than other colors. She has extensions or gloss or something.”


Is she purposely making Bode’s hair look red in photos?

Now, because so many Little People, Big World fans believe she colors her hair… They also question if her son’s hair is actually as red as it appears in photos on her Instagram. In fact, many speculate she is intentionally giving her son’s hair a red tint in the photos. Some believe this may just be to further strengthen her argue that her vibrant red locks are natural.

According to a thread on Reddit, one Instagram follower asked Audrey if Bode had red hair. Audrey responded to the comment that she believed Bode does have red hair. Many, however, seemed to have doubts. In fact, some insisted that genetically him having red hair didn’t even make sense.


“It’s a recessive gene so unless Jeremy carries the gene, they won’t have kids with red hair,” one Reddit user explained.

I really wish she’d stop this. There’s no way to be certain until the kids are older. I think there is a possibility that the boy could be a redhead … but there’s also a good possibility he’ll be brown.”

The collective majority believe Audrey uses filters to give her son’s hair a red tint. Either way, LPBW fans will have to wait until Bode is a bit older to know for sure what color his hair is!

Do you think Audrey is intentionally making Bode’s hair look red in photos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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