‘The Grand Tour’s’ James May Stars In New Show, Amazon Updates On ‘Madagascar’ Episode

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The Grand Tour star James May already has his second Amazon Prime solo show. Better yet, Amazon also has updated fans on the latest news on the long awaited Madagascar episode.

What do we know now about the former Top Gear star’s new series?

The Grand Tour’s Captain Slow Has A Second Amazon Solo Show

Call James May what you will, but his long-held nickname of Captain Slow should be retired. The Grand Tour star has already filmed a second Amazon show, and it is coming out in the fall. What it is about?

James May: Oh Cook is the former Top Gear star’s latest show. This is a cooking show from a person who can’t cook. It will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video sometime later this year. What is it about?

According to Deadline, each episode will show May cooking up recipes from his new cookbook, Oh Cook!: 60 Easy Recipes That Any Idiot Can Make. In the seven-part series, he will cook three recipes each episode. They are guaranteed to satisfy even someone who cannot really cook.

James May will make curry, pasta and even cake recipes. The tv host and journalist promises fun, but doesn’t seem to guarantee a great culinary experience. He admits that “Cooking your own curry is so much more satisfying than ordering a take-away, even though it won’t taste as nice.”

Amazon Has Confirmed Madagascar Special Coming Out In 2020

Gearheads around the world are still waiting for the second episode of The Grand Tour Season 4. The official site tweeted an announcement for James May: Oh Cook, they commented on the long-awaited The Grand Tour Madagascar Special. They announced that both Oh Cook and the Madagascar Special will be airing later this year.

They have just under five months to accomplish this. It cannot be much longer!

The Grand Tour Madagascar Episode Is Ready

Here is the good news. The Grand Tour Madagascar episode is ready. Many car enthusiasts miss the good natured banter and good humor of the trio of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May. And, they miss the cars.

The only episode of The Grand Tour Season 4 was Seamen. As entertaining as the show was, it didn’t feature cars. All three were on boats, going through Southeast Asia.

When Amazon dropped Seamen, the trio were busy in Madagascar filming the second episode. We can assume that there were cars and adventures. But, so far, only producer Andy Wilman can confirm that this is highly entertaining.

Then, the coronavirus hit. This prevented the trio from going on a highly anticipated trip to Northern Russia. And, Andy Wilman got it. Twice.

This meant Madagascar production delays.

But, the good news is that The Grand Tour fans can now learn how to cook with James May, while waiting for the second episode to be released. They may even make something worth eating.


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