‘Storage Wars’ Season 13: Why Popular A&E Show Won’t Likely Be Back

Storage Wars fans are still crazy about the A&E storage locker reality show. They want to know when they will start filming Season 13. What two of the stars have said about the possibility of another season.

Is Storage Wars Coming Back For Season 13?

Will Storage Wars return for another season? The last time that the A&E show aired, Season 12, was between November 2018 and January 2019. That over 18 months ago. Are they getting ready to film lucky number Season 13?

It doesn’t really sound like it.

Earlier this week, TV Shows Ace published an exclusive interview with Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda. We asked the owners of BargainHunters shop and YouTube page whether they thought they will ever have a Storage Wars Season 13.

They answered that as far as they new “the network has moved on from Storage Wars.” Subsequently, they did raise hopes with the caveat that this “could change anytime!”

So, it doesn’t sound like A&E is currently interested, but they have not totally ruled out a possible thirteenth season. And yes, they seem open to the idea about returning. Yet, it sounds like not everyone is still in the business.

Rene and Casey shared that they do see a few former co-stars. That includes auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, Ivy Calvin, Dave Hester and they will on occasion even run into Darrell Sheets.

But what about some of the other stars? What about Brandi and Jarrod and Barry Weiss? Could they be open to a return to the storage locker treasure hunt show?


Are Jarrod And Brandi Passante Still Together?

No, Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz Are Over.

Recently, the biggest Storage Wars tending story was that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz got divorced. As they never married, divorce is not the exact word. But, they are over, but never said anything for a very long time.

But, Brandi recently confirmed on the Dad Podcast that they have split up “about” two years ago. This seems to coincide with the time that Storage Wars Season 12 aired on A&E.

Currently, Brandi has been out partying hard. She is drinking double and staying single. Things have been so crazy that even her social media followers have “expressed concern for her liver.”

On the other hand, it looks like Jarrod has settled down with a new romance. Who is Jarrod Schulz’s new girlfriend? Rochel Beckman. In her now private Instagram, Beckman has shared many photos with the two of them. She also happens to be a bartender at a place that Jarrod spends a lot of time at right now. That is The Rush Bar & Grill.

Based on social media, it appears that Jarrod owns, or partially owns The Rush Bar & Grill. His own social media is focused on bar specials and bands playing at his Lake Forest, California establishment.


Why Fan Favorite Barry Weiss Left Storage Wars 

Fans always ask, why did Barry Weiss leave Storage Wars? He has said that he left while he was still on top. But, he would love to do an antique car show. A&E, are you listening?

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