Ali Fedotowsky Spills Dirt On Clare Crawley’s Premature Love Connection

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Ali Fedotowsky recently spilled some dirt on Clare Crawley’s premature love connection.

Things have been WILD since rumors started to fly that Tayshia Adams would be replacing Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette just two weeks into production. We, however, have recently learned these were more than just rumors. They were spoilers. Truths. Tayshia Adams is replacing Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette. And, several personalities within the Bachelor Nation have reacted to the news.

Turns out, not everyone within the Bachelor Nation found this news to be too surprising. Speaking exclusively with Entertainment Tonight, Ali Fedotowsky admits that she didn’t find the news to be shocking. In fact, she proceeded to spill some dirt on Clare Crawley and her premature love connection.

Ali Fedotowsky was not surprised to learn Tayshia Adams was replacing Clare Crawley.

According to sources speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Clare Crawley fell for one of her potential suitors just two weeks into production. This premature love connection, unfortunately, wasn’t going to make for a very good season of The BacheloretteSo, Clare walked away. She forced the network to replace her with someone else. The timing was somewhat convenient as the production team was able to call upon a woman of color.

As those who have been following the news know… Bachelor Nation as a whole has been under fire. Under fire for not selecting leads of color. So, selecting Tayshia Adams certainly helped ease viewers into the sudden and unusual cast shift.

COVID put Clare into a strange position.

The COVID-19 pandemic put Clare Crawley into a bit of a unique position. The network announced the cast of The Bachelorette back in March. But, the virus caused productions to halt just says later. So, Clare and her potential suitors returned home — released from production.

Over the next few months, Bachelor Nation followers can only assume Clare got to know her potential suitors. She even admitted to doing so during an appearance on the podcast called Bachelor Happy Hour.

Ali Fedotowsky insists it is a safe bet Clare was talking to all of her suitors. At the very least, she believes Claire was talking to any of them she had an attraction to after seeing their photos.

“We have to assume she was talking to all of them, if not the majority of the ones she was interested in, based off of pictures or initial attraction,” Ali Fedotowsky said. “That’s got to be it, there’s no question.”

Ali also admitted that she and other Bachelorettes were in a group text chat with Clare prior to her production kicking off. So, there was no doubt in her mind. Clare and her suitors communicated when productions were paused.

Ali Fedotowsky supports Clare exiting the show. “I think it’s 100% the right decision, and I think it’s going to be so exciting to watch.”

Did Clare do something wrong?

Typically, socializing and getting to know your suitors before production isn’t something that happens within this franchise. But, COVID-19 flipped how things work upside down. One of the many questions viewers have is whether Clare Crawley did something wrong. Was it inappropriate for her to seek out and speak with her potential suitors?

Some say yes. Others say no.

So, what do you think about Clare Crawley socializing with her suitors while production was shut down? Tell us about it in the comments.

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