‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Shares Heartwarming Post About Robyn’s Daughter Ariella

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Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown only birthed one child during her marriage to Kody. Mariah grew up and went off to college in Chicago. But, Meri adores kids and tried hard for more. However, it never turned out that way. Fortunately, living in a huge family means she calls herself a mom to other kids. Now, she shared a heartwarming post about Robyn’s daughter Ariella.

Sister Wives– the kids like Ariella and other wives keep Meri Brown in the family

We reported in January, that Meri told her fans she won’t make a dash for freedom from Kody Brown. In fact, she said that she’s “in it for life.” Despite the fact that she and Kody struggled with marital issues for years, she seems determined to stay with it. That probably relates to their religion more than anything else. In another article, we noted that “As far as the church goes, when Meri and Kody married, they didn’t just marry ‘for life.’ They also married for all eternity.”

If she left Kody right now and went off with another guy, Meri would end up committing a great sin in the eyes of their religious leaders. And, that would mean saying “goodbye” to the kids like Ariella and other family members. So, Meri remains. And, she dearly loves the large family, especially the kids. The post that the Sister Wives star shared on Tuesday night revealed just how much she cares for them.

Meri Brown’s heartwarming post about Ariella

Illustrating the bond Meri formed with Robyn and Kody’s child Ariella, she said some very nice things about an evening by the fire. Just over four years old now, Ariella also sounds like she enjoyed fun with her “mom” Meri. In the photo, Ariella knelt by the fire pit. Meri wrote, “She was so excited to get that marshmallow burned to black charcoal!” They enjoyed a lot of fun as Ariella told her “stories about Princess Meri and Princess Ari and their rainbow dresses and matching crowns, our pretend marching band playing violins and trumpets and drums.”

The evening also involved “many lost baby carrots and baby tomatoes as she tried sharing them with me,” Meri said. Plus, she noted she meant, “trying to throw them in my mouth, from our safe social distance spacing.” The Sister Wives star then wrote, “It’s moments like this that I live for.” One fan felt very moved by it and said that it’s a bit sad she couldn’t have “more of her own kids.” Slammed by the Instagram thought police for saying it, it actually does seem a pity. But luckily, Meri’s got a whole boatload of other kids to love.


Do you agree that Meri’s message about Ariella seemed very heartwarming? Kids really do build bridges, don’t they? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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