Exclusive Interview: Rene And Casey Nezhoda Talk ‘Storage Wars,’ Season 13, YouTube And More

Rene, Casey Nezhoda, Storage Wars-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsP_2NSkR8

TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to interview Rene and Caes Nezhoda from Storage Wars. What do they have to say about a possible Season 13, their YouTube channel, working together, and making a whole lotta money on storage units and even pallets!

You have a terrific YouTube channel. Why should Storage Wars fans watch? What are your favorite things about using the YouTube platform?

Rene and Casey – Well there are several reason to watch ! #1 we share a lot of knowledge #2 The fun continues and we take you along our treasure hunts and there are A LOT of unboxing videos.

We even have a video where we spend $22,000 on a storage unit and several Hoarder Houses that were mind blowing. YouTube lets us interact with fans/Bargainhunters family and we have the freedom to film what we want!

A&E has a new show called Extreme Unboxing. Have you ever bid on cartons of returned merchandise? Any thoughts in this show?

R&C – Yes, we bought pallets before. We actually have a video up where we bought 100 pallets for $2,000. BUT, we don’t buy from third parties. The only way to really make money in that business is to buy from stores/companies directly. And, they usually make you buy larger quantities. For example, you can work out a deal with Costco to buy all returns at 20cents on the dollar. But, you have to take a truckload a week–which is 54 pallets I believe! That is what third party wholesalers usually do and they cherry pick the best stuff!

You and Casey are only a couple of the former Storage Wars stars that still are in the business. What keeps you going? Why do you think so many drop out?

R&C –  Simply because we are the real deal !!!!! Other people got in the business after 2008 because they needed a job, but didn’t really know what they were doing. We have been doing this our whole lives and Rene has been buying and selling since [he was] 11 years old. Plus, you can’t get involved in that “I am famous” attitude. We are working just as hard as we always have!

You bid on Lamar Odom’s box. What are your favorite treasures from this bid? Or other celebrity box bids?

R&C – Probably the game worn Lakers NBA finals jersey and some of the game balls. I don’t get too excited anymore about any individual items but more about overall profit !

We are about to bid $30k on a celebrity unit and the video will be on YouTube… STAY TUNED

Jarrod Schulz found safes irresistible. Do you have favorite items in storage lockers that make you bid a bit higher than normal?

R&C – I like large packed lockers. You usually don’t make the money with what you see but with what you don’t see. Also, if the lockers are 95 percent full, it’s extremely unlikely anybody has gone thru it!

Do you ever see or hang out with any former Storage Wars stars?

R&C – Ivy Calvin, Dan & Laura Dotson and then we talk to Dave and Darrel sometimes!

Do you think they will ever have a Storage Wars Season 13? And would you participate?

R&C – As far as I know, the network has moved on from Storage Wars–but who knows–that could change anytime! We would participate if it makes sense at the time. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. We were offered to do some filming for a remote Covid type of show, but it didn’t make sense for us! We don’t know what the future holds, but one thing is certain it will be exciting

Why do you think Storage Wars is still so popular?

R&C – That is simple. Literally, it’s because anybody in the USA can do it! You can take $100 and buy a storage auction unit tomorrow and try your luck. Some of those other reality shows where you make money, like Gold Rush, you have to be a millionaire just to get started!

Do you still run into fans of the show?

R&C – Everyday! We have people coming from all over the world, to our store, just to meet us! And in India, Storage Wars is going crazy at the moment and we receive messages all the time!

What do you want to tell Storage Wars fans? What you are doing? What do you want them to follow? Etc…

R&C – We are doing the same thing we have always done and that is working hard and buying/selling. You can follow us on YouTube, and join almost 100k subscribers that share in our adventure on a weekly basis!

Would you like to share how your business has helped you achieve the American Dream?

R&C – Our business is simple: You get out of it what you put into it. And America provides you with the opportunity to work hard and then be successful! This business, really, anybody can do it. I can’t remember the exact number, but we probably started this with less then $1,000 and build it up to what it is now!

How do you, Rene and Casey, divide your business duties? How do you two work so well together and still have a great family life and relationship?

R&C – We don’t have official rules or divide duties. It comes down to we get done what needs to get done–not only in our business life, but also personal life. It all flows together! I think in family business, if it comes down to where everyone is worried [about] what they have to do, then it won’t work. You just have to be on the same team and just get it done! I think it’s because we do realize that no one is going give us a hand out, and we know no matter what, at the end of the day, it has to get done! We also realize that if we didn’t do this, then we would be working for someone else, and still deal with all kinds of problems. The only difference is that we put all the profits into someone else’s pocket.

We have a happy, grounded, family relationship and I think that helps a lot. For us, it just works!

Be sure to subscribe to Rene and Casey’s Bargainhuntersthrift YouTube Channel, and click that bell. You can now catch episodes of Storage Wars on the new Peacock streaming platform.

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