Is Jana Duggar Wearing Pants In New Photo?

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In the Duggar family, women and girls don’t wear pants. They stick to skirts and dresses for modesty reasons. But, over the past few years, a few of the married women have stepped away from those guidelines. Of course, they still dress modestly by society’s standards. They simply aren’t abiding by their parents’ rules in all areas of their lives anymore.

On Tuesday, Jedidiah Duggar shared a new post on Instagram. He documents his bike ride with his older sister Jana. He says that they “enjoyed a beautiful bike ride.” One photo is a selfie featuring Jana and Jed. The other two pictures feature the gorgeous views in Springdale, Arkansas. Fans think it’s great that all the Duggar siblings are so close and that they spend so much time together.

While the focus is definitely on the brother-sister bonding time, more fans are picking up on the fact that Jana is possibly wearing pants.

Is Jana Duggar wearing pants?

It’s hard to tell for sure whether Jana is wearing pants in the new photo. But, some fans are assuming that she is wearing pants instead of a skirt. After all, she’s biking, which is difficult to do in a skirt or dress. Plus, for safety reasons, it’s probably best for her to wear pants.

In the comments section, several Duggar fans make comments about her possibly wearing pants. One writes, “Is Jana wearing pants??! She looks great!” Another replies, “I hope so riding a bike :). You’d think with the various sports and things like hiking and swimming they can wear what’s best/easiest.

Neither Jana nor Jed has responded to any of these comments, and it’s unlikely that they will. It almost appears as if the picture was taken to avoid making it obvious whether she’s wearing pants.

Jessa, Jinger, Jill, and Joy spotted wearing pants

This isn’t the first time a Duggar woman has worn pants. As mentioned, some of the married women are figuring things out for themselves and dressing how they see fit.

Jinger Vuolo and Jill Dillard regularly wear pants and even shorts. Jessa Seewald was spotted in pants once, and so was Joy-Anna Forsyth.

Jana wearing pants is a little bit different because she still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. For this reason, it’s assumed that she sticks to their rules. But, maybe she’s branching out a bit like her younger sisters.

So, what do you think? Does it look like Jana is wearing pants? Share your thoughts below.

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