Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert’s Son Brooks Turns One, His Gift Tells A Story

BiP Jade Roper and Brooks

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s cute little son Brooks started walking on his own recently. And now, a week or so later, he celebrated his first birthday. Naturally, Tanner and Jade got the little guy a gift for his special day. And, they clearly thought it over because it told a story about Brooks’ birth.

Jade Roper and Tanner celebrate Brooks turning one year old

When Jade shared that Brooks stood up a week before his birthday and took his first steps alone, we commented about his milestone. We reported that “in her caption, Jade said, ‘FIRST STEPS!! Someone’s a big boy!!’ If you followed the story of Brooks’ birth, perhaps you understand a bit better how wonderful this moment must feel for Jade.” Now, on his birthday, Jade also spoke about the special day he got born.

On Sunday, Jade shared a lot of photos of Brooks and he looked so thrilled with his gift. In one picture, he wore a fireman’s helmet. Then, in another one, they showed him standing on Big Red, the fire engine. In another picture, the Bachelor in Paradise couple’s son sat astride a toy red fire engine.  Jade Roper captioned it with, “My Brooksy boy!! We love you SO much and you made every little thing about yesterday magical.”

Jade talks about the birth of Brooks in the birthday post

Further on in her caption, Jade wrote, “For those of you who know the story of how Brooks came into this world, he was delivered by firefighter paramedics, so we thought it would only be appropriate to have a firetruck theme! Happy sweet 1st birthday, Brooks, I thank God every day for you.” Many people waited for news that Jade would birth their son. But it all happened quicker than expected.

On July 29, 2019, Brooks arrived in a rush. We wrote, “UPI reminds fans that the BiP couple released the first photos of Brooks just a few days after his birth. Then, the big story came about how he arrived so fast Jade Roper couldn’t make it to the hospital. So, little Brooks got born in the closet.” Many Bachelor in Paradise fans knew the story about Jade and her emergency birth. They also commented on the story that Brooks’ birthday gift brought.


Fans chat about cute Brooks

Fans of BiP loved the clever theme for Brooks’ birthday. One of them wrote, “He is TOO cute! Plus the fire/emt pretty much delivered him so maybe Fire Captain is in his future!🥰” Another one agreed, saying, “Such a perfect theme! So cute! My dad is a firefighter. ❤️” Then one person wrote, “I didn’t know that story …. great party idea! Your kids are so darling! ❤️.”

Jade Roper went through a torrid time when Brooks arrived so suddenly No doubt, every year, the paramedic firefighters get remembered. Do you agree that her gift paying tribute to them told a touching story of gratitude? Sound off in the comments below.

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