Which Duggar Do Fans Think Looks Just Like Jana?

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Because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids are all related, they look alike to some degree. Of course, there are a few that look very similar. Counting OnĀ fans are always quick to point this out. Now, fans have discovered a new pair of Duggar sisters who look a lot alike.

Duggar fans think Jennifer and Jana are ‘twins’

After Jim Bob and Michelle shared a new photo of their 13-year-old daughter Jennifer, fans noticed that she looks a lot like her eldest sister Jana.

As soon as the family shared the new picture of Jennifer, comments began pouring in that she looks a lot like Jana. Many Counting On fans are calling the sisters “twins,” despite them being 17 years apart in age. They feel that the pair looks very similar.

Often, when the Duggars share new photos of their kids, they are in group settings. So, it might be difficult for fans to pick out one specific person and make any observations like this. Because the family’s most recent Instagram post is focused on Jennifer in particular, fans noticed the similarities.

Plus, it might have something to do with Jennifer growing up. As a young child, she didn’t look too much like Jana. Now, it’s becoming more obvious.

Jennifer’s 13th birthday celebration

As TV Shows Ace reported on Sunday, Jennifer turned 13 years old. The family documented her birthday with several pictures on Instagram. The family also talked about her loving personality. They reveal that she recently cared for a litter of seven bunnies. Plus, they say that all the nieces and nephews love spending time with Jennifer.

From the pictures, it looks like the Duggar family opted for an outdoor birthday party. They appear to be at a park or another outdoor space. In one of the photos, Jennifer is sitting at a picnic table. There’s a beautiful balloon display above her as well. The decorations are complete with a “celebrate” banner and a sign that reads, “happy birthday.”


Instead of a cake, Jennifer is enjoying ice cream on her birthday. The family brought along two large tubs of ice cream and a variety of tasty toppings. While the Duggars didn’t give a lot of details about the birthday celebration, it’s safe to say that Jennifer had a great birthday.

So, do you agree that Jennifer and Jana look alike? Share your thoughts below!

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