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A&E’s New ‘Extreme Unboxing’ Series Is Perfect ‘Storage Wars’ Substitute

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Are you a Storage Wars fans still wishing for Season 13? Well, here is your substitute: Extreme Unboxing. This new A&E show promises to take the treasure hunt concept up one notch.

What is Extreme Unboxing all about and when is the premiere date?

What Is Extreme Unboxing?

Extreme Boxing is A&E’s latest show. All around the country, people are bidding on returned boxes of merchandise, from online retailers. They bid against other in an online auction. Sometimes these boxes are pennies on the dollar. This is part of the fun.

Then, the items are delivered to the winner. This is a bit like Christmas morning. The winners have this big box to unpack. Will this be the box of their dreams?

Then, they turn around and sell these items for a big profit. Bobby and Salena, one of the couples who are part of the show share that you can “pay $200 and get a $5,000 profit.” Well, at least, most of the time they get a profit.

Sometimes they get “junk.” Some of these boxes include broken electronics, or items that cannot be resold. But you never know what you will get. It could be a treasure. It could be something “weird and wacky.” It even may be a boatload of money!

When Is The Extreme Unboxing Premiere Date?

Extreme Unboxing premieres on A&E on Tuesday, August 4 at 10 p.m. Eastern. Are you ready to watch the six teams compete for returned merchandise?

Who Stars In Extreme Unboxing?

Who are the stars of this new reality show? Bobby and Salena got into this business to just “get some extra cash flow.” Although they are new to this game, now it is their full time business! Now they can spend more time with their two small children. Who are the other pairs of Extreme Unboxing stars?

Another pair of stars includes brothers Blake and Max. Blake has been involved with the reseller world a while. He has hired on his brother Max. Girlfriend Ashleigh dresses up their place with returned merchandise.

Chuck and Chris are best pals who have “the bunker.” This is a 7,000-square foot warehouse with all sorts of valuable goodies. How profitable is their business? Well, Chuck left a six-figure job to start his own reselling business called Bricks to Clicks.

Paster Paul needed supplementary income for his minister job. His wife Heather took the reseller idea and created an online business called Hooked on Pickin’. They are even licenses to sell auto parts. Heather is experienced as a diesel mechanic and knows her stuff.

Married couple Joe and Jessica are full-time resellists. Joe left the stress of the restaurant business to work from home in their own reselling business. Their business allows them to homeschool their three children and spend quality time with them.

The last couple is Steve and Steph. This couple previously worked in construction and they found themselves out of a job. They turned to reselling and their lives and livelihoods have changed forever.

Are you ready for Extreme Unboxing?

Extreme Unboxing | SERIES PREMIERE Tuesday, August 4th at 10PM

Learn about the world of unboxing from Bobby and Salena, one of the many treasure-seeking teams featured on Extreme Unboxing. Get excited for the series premiere Tuesday, August 4th at 10PM! on https://bit.ly/32qkDxo

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Why Would Storage Wars Fans Like This?

Storage Wars and Shipping Wars fans will certainly love this show. Like Shipping Wars, the different teams compete for the same box. There are rivalries and some maneuvers to get others to overpay for their box.

But, in many ways, Extreme Unboxing is mostly like Storage Wars. This is next level show about a treasure hunt quest. A lot of people got into buying storage lockers after watching Storage Wars. Will the new trend be buying pallets of returned merchandise? What will be inside of that box? That is why you will want to watch!

Extreme Unboxing premieres on A&E on Tuesday, August 4 at 10 p.m. Eastern.


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