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Does Caelynn Miller-Keyes Photoshop? This Picture Has ‘BiP’ Fans Confused

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As Caelynn Miller-Keyes of Bachelor in Paradise may quickly be learning, it is never a great idea for celebrities to use photoshop. Both celebrities and reality TV stars have eagle-eyed social media followers and trolls. Individuals who are waiting with a magnifying glass to find something wrong with each photo they upload. Turns out, Bachelor fans did not have to look too hard in a photo Caelynn Miller-Keyes uploaded about a week ago. But, did she photoshop it? It definitely has fans confused!

Caelynn Miller-Keyes appears to be floating in photo from a week ago.

It was just a week ago that Caelynn Miller-Keyes shared a photo collection wishing her followers a “Happy Friday.” The first photo featured Caelynn Miller-Keyes standing on her balcony holding up her glass to the world.

Now, there were four photos attached to this Instagram post. But, most of her followers had a hard time scrolling past the first photo. Did she use photoshop? Fans were not really sure.

What is it that has fans so frazzled about this photo? Well, zoom in and take a close look at her feet. Notice anything strange? She’s standing at the balcony. But, neither of her feet are on the ground.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Instagram

So, she either did something to doctor the photo. Or, she learned how to levitate. Because she appeared to be floating in the air in this photo. And, her Instagram followers noticed.

Followers of the Bachelor in Paradise alum call attention to the floating feet.

A quick scroll through the comment section reveal her followers were focused on one thing. And, one thing only. They had a hard time seeing anything else. Did she use photoshop? Why was she floating? Did she learn to levitate? The photo certainly had people puzzled. Here’s some of what they had to say in the comments.

  • “The first pic looks like you’re levitating!?”
  • “Are you floating???”
  • “Is it just me or does it look like she’s floating?”
  • “Are you floating in the first picture? I’m confused lol”
  • “Are you levitating??”
  • “Are you levitating in that first picture???”

Some individuals even outright asked what she used to edit the photo. Others came up with pretty funny reasons why they thought she was floating.

  • “Twinkle toes!”
  • “It’s gotta be the enlightquickshot App..”
  • “Obviously she’s an ancestor of Harry Potter…”

One individual noted it was impressive she did not spill her drink.

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Happy Friday 🥂

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Caelynn Miller-Keyes did respond to the confusion.

Now, the BiP alum noticed the chatter in the comments of her post. She did respond to a few of the comments. In one response, she noted she did a “bunny hop” when the photo was snapped. So, it looked like she was floating. In a separate response, she confirmed she was, in fact, floating in the air.

Now, some followers thought the bunny hop made sense. But, others found it odd. Why? Because was no indication of motion in the photo. So, did she actually jump in the air?

So, do you think photoshop is involved in this picture of Caelynn Miller-Keyes? Does she edit her photos? And, did you think she was floating? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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