‘RHONY’: Luann De Lesseps Thinks Costars ‘Need To Be More Aware’ Of Their Drinking

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Luann de Lesseps is dishing the dirt on her RHONY costars. She sat down for an exclusive virtual interview with Entertainment Tonight. The Countess addressed everything from Ramona Singer’s birthday party to the group’s drinking.

Fans have complained about the excessive drinking during Season 12. Some of them even want Bethenny Frankel to return and “save the show.” As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the Skinnygirl founder has no intention to return. Luann also revealed that she doesn’t expect Bethenny to return to RHONY. But she would be happy if she did. Read on to see what Luann has to say about this season.

Luann de Lesseps addresses the group’s excessive drinking

Ramona Singer expressed her concern to Luann de Lesseps about the group’s drinking. Even the fans have shared their concerns. It was apparent at the group’s Rhode Island getaway, in which Leah McSweeney did cartwheels in the middle of a dinner party. But Leah is not the only one who drinks a lot. Season 12 seems more alcohol-fueled than seasons past and Luann agrees.

“A lot of the women – and I’m not naming names – need to be more careful and more aware,” Luann told ET. “I think it’s time to check in with yourself. I’m not giving any advice to anybody on those terms, because that’s going to fall flat coming from me.”


Instead, Luann will focus on herself. When it comes to her drinking intake, she explains that she takes “it day by day” and does “the best that I can do for myself.”

“But I feel like we could definitely reel it in and on the drinking part,” the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer added.

Her relationship with drinking was the storyline in the past few seasons. It followed her December 2017 arrest for public intoxication, the battery of an officer, resisting arrest, and making threats against a public servant. Luann served two years’ probation for the charges, which included abstaining from alcohol and entering a treatment program.

Cabaret star talks about her own experience with drinking

Luann de Lesseps finished her probation at the beginning of Season 12. This allowed her the freedom to drink again. But she wanted to take it slow at first. Luann chose not to drink at various group gatherings. It wasn’t until weeks into this season that she took her first sip of alcohol on camera.

“I decided, if I’m going to do another season, maybe I drink, maybe I won’t, and I started off drinking,” Luann explained. “I kind of hit the reset button and I’m back in the driver’s seat, so I’m doing well.”

The reality star admits it’s “hard to avoid” drinking on reality television. Especially when the ladies attend parties and go on group trips together. But Luann made the conscious effort to not let her drinking problem define her.

“I’ve been doing the show for 12 years, and I never had a problem with alcohol except for the famous fall in the bush,” she joked. “But I giggled, I was happy at the time.”


Luann referenced her infamous fall into the bushes during the cast’s last trip to Mexico during Season 9. It happened after a long day of tequilas.

It was also the first time that viewers witnessed Luann drunk on camera, and she hoped it would be her last. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with her arrest. For now, fans can look forward to the women’s next trip to Mexico. Luann says it’s another vacation they won’t forget.

“It was fun, a lot of drama. You’re going to see me get back on a camel – I can’t tell you what happens after that,” she teased.

She referenced to Season 4 when a camel famously bucked Luann off its back when the cast traveled to Morocco.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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