Reality Steve Debunks Rumors ‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley Wants To Quit Filming

'Bachelorette' Clare Crawley via Instagram

It didn’t take long, but now rumors are already flying around about Clare Crawley. The Bachelorette just started filming less than two weeks ago and rumors say she has already found the one. While one news outlet alleges Clare wants to step down from her leading role, Reality Steve is debunking that theory. Warning! There are a few spoilers ahead!

Reality Steve says no way Clare would be allowed to step down

The rumors started when Life&Style shared news that a source claimed Clare is asking to step down as The Bachelorette. The article alleges that Clare has already fallen in love and is done. While fans know Clare is outspoken and always follows her heart, she is under contract.

The information claims Clare refused to come out of her room while filming. And, it also alleges producers were completely blindsided by the revelation that she was already in love and wanted to bail. Of course the show has already faced set backs due to the coronavirus, so if there were any truth to these allegations where would that leave the season?

Steve went to Twitter last night to debunk these rumors. He said, “She signed a contract for the show. You can’t just quit in the middle of it. If that were the case, PLENTY of other former leads would’ve done that once they knew who wanted early on. So dumb.”

So, if the alleged rumors are true will Clare just be faking it for the rest of the season? Or is the information just rumors and holds no truth.

Who she allegedly is in love with

According to the report, Clare is allegedly in love with Dale Moss. The 31 year old is a former NFL player. He was a wide receiver. He is from South Dakota, but lives in New York. And, according to other information provided by Steve, Dale did win Clare’s first impression rose.

According to Life&Style, Dale is a model, philanthropist, host and Special Olympics global ambassador. He said on his website bio, “I’ve had the privilege of being featured in global campaigns with top brands in fitness, fashion and lifestyle and I’m only getting started. My passion for storytelling and ability to connect with people across different industries has made me a sought after entertainment host and media personality.”

What do you think about this news that Clare possibly asked to step down from her role? Do you think it holds any truth? Or, is it just rumors?

Stay tuned for more details on all the drama as it becomes available.

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