Here’s How Adam & Danielle Busby Cook During Their Home Remodel

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With their kitchen being remodeled, some fans have wondered how OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby cook for their large family.

Preparing meals for their eight-member family is chaotic on the best of days. Unfortunately for ‘OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby, meals for her 5 daughters are being prepared in an even more chaotic way — on a makeshift outdoor kitchen. The busy mother-of-6 recently shared a candid post of herself and showing off the not-so-luxurious side of home remodeling.

Kitchen Remodel Taking its Toll

Stars of the TLC reality show OutDaughtered have been pretty open regarding their recent large-scale remodel — and the upheaval it has brought to the family’s lives. In fact, despite the family’s excitement for the end result, Danielle Busby says that they are ready to be done with the whole affair. While the family’s kitchen inside is unusable, Danielle and husband, Adam have fashioned a temporary kitchen under their home’s awning in the back yard. According to Soap Dirt, their makeshift cookery puts some people’s indoor facility’s to shame.

It certainly does not appear that the clan is suffering from sub-par meals during the remodel. Danielle recently showed photos of their setup on Instagram that included a fridge, microwave, large grill and, a full size picnic table just outside their back door.

Danielle and Adam Busby Are Working Hard to Keep The Kids Busy

Having such a large part of your home off-limits can make wrangling 6 children that much more difficult. This is made exceptionally more difficult by the current state of affairs amidst the worldwide Pandemic.  Six bored children stuck at home can be more than a handful — even with two attentive parents.

When the children were young, outings were a lot more overwhelming for Danielle, however, she mom-of-6 now says that she loves taking the kids on new adventures. Fortunately, for the TLC network, OutDaughtered fans love it too!

So far, during their summer kitchen remodel, Danielle Busby has taken her kids on multiple outings to the beach. As of yesterday, the family had embarked on an RV road trip. The OutDaughtered mom took to Instagram yesterday posting a shot of her and Adam riding in the large RV cabin.

Alongside a cute wide-angled selfie, Danielle reveals to fans that she is enjoying a drive without being overwhelmed by motion sickness. Fans of the show know that Danielle suffers from severe motion sickness and has to take meds for it. “Omg!! He is driving!!! And I’m NOT PUKING!!” She exclaims in the post. She tells fans that she is happy that the meds are working so she can enjoy her family’s first RV Outing.

Fans enjoy the constant updates.

Fans of the show have certainly enjoyed watching the family’s antics both at home and away. Despite the judgment of naysayers at every turn, Danielle never seems discouraged.  It seems that she is doing a great job managing her 6 lovely girls. Keeping one child happy is a job. We have a lot of respect for this super-mom who does it times six.

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