‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 8 Filming Is Under Way!

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On Monday, When Calls The Heart Season 8 officially started filming with new Covid-19 precautions. Already the cast has shared photos from Hope Valley. What are they sharing there now, and are they staying safe?

When Calls The Heart Season 8 Is Filming Now

The cast and crew have returned to Hope Valley! When Calls The Heart Season 8 has now begun filming. Hallmark has been very lucky to have resumed filming. Many studios are still waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to settle down before they can commence any sort of production.

This is because they film in “North Hollywood.” This location is in Vancouver, Canada. They have already opened up for filming. But, with some restrictions. If it seems rather early for filming, this is on purpose. This way they can film more outdoor scenes.

This is safer during these Covid-19 times. What other precautions is Hallmark taking?


How Are They Staying Safe In Hope Valley?

Erin Krakow has already shared how they will stay safe during Covid-19. She explained to ET’s Deidre Behar that they have a foolproof system. They will be operating in “pods.” That is the framework for safety.

Each department has a pod. And each pod of people have to stay together. They are not to mingle or associate with the other pods. Therefore, each group of people, or pod, are required to social distance.

The second most important rule is that everyone must wear a mask. Only the actors that are filming a scene can remove their mask. The cast has already shared a lot of masked cast and crew roaming round the Hope Valley set.

Already, Hallmark has shared a video of actress Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton. She is walking through Hope Valley, the camera following her from behind. Then, she turns around and she is wearing a mask.

This is the reality of the current pandemic situation.


Will There Be A When Calls The Heart Christmas Movie?

As Christmas In July is wrapping up now, everyone is wondering about a WCTH Christmas movie. It is happening! Erin Krakow (A Summer Romance), Pascale Hutton (The Perfect Bride), Jack Wagner (General Hospital), Kavan Smith (Love On The Menu), Kevin McGarry (Heartland), Paul Greene (My Favorite Wedding), Chris McNally (Altered Carbon), Martin Cummins (UnREAL), and Andrea Brooks (Supergirl) will all be back on Christmas Day.



Has Hallmark shared any When Calls The Heart storylines? Not officially, but there are some storylines that are inevitable. The main one is whether Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton will choose one of her two suitors. Will she pick Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) or Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally)?

There has also been rumors that Lee Coulter (Kevan Smith) and Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) are ready to start a family. Will they be able to have a baby?

These are some of the exciting possibilities for When Calls The Heart Season 8!



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