‘Teen Mom’ Alum David Eason Fires At Cheyenne Floyd For The Second Time Over Selective Firings

Teen Mom 2 alum David Eason

Teen Mom alum, David Eason took shots at MTV, Cheyenne Floyd, and more on Wednesday. Previously, he fired at Cheyenne. Back in June, he slammed her for racism. Actually, that came shortly after Dee Nguyen ended up fired from The Challenge. Now, he once again fired shots at Cheyenne and MTV for their “selective” racism firing.

Teen Mom alum David season furious over selective racism and Cheyenne Floyd in particular

We reported in June, that David Eason dug out some old comments that Cheyenne made on Facebook some time ago. He noted that Cheyenne apparently said she “wanted to kill every white person.” She also noted her mom felt she shouldn’t see The Help, as her mom knows she “already [has] a problem with white people.” As far as he’s concerned, that qualifies as racism. But, MTV kept her on the show. Well, now he took the opportunity to complain about MTV’s selective firings once again.

On his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 29. a series of cards showed his anger at MTV’s selective firings. In one card, he noted that they fired Jenelle, but kept others involved in “drug issues” and “domestic violence.” He pointed out that hardly promoted “good parenting.” He then noted that MTV fired “white people” for racism.” He also added, “racism is racism and shouldn’t be tolerated.” The Teen Mom alum also raised the fact again, that Cheyenne still escapes firing for her racist comments about whites.

Teen Mom 2 David selective firings
David Eason | Instagram Stories

Many more heated posts against MTV

Other posts indicate he still recalls what he sees as the injustice of Cheyenne remaining on the show after her racist comments about white people. Plus, he posted up screenshots by other people who felt it wrong. Then, he took aim at Morgan J. Freeman. He called him a “hypocrite.” That’s because he still “employs racists on his own shows.” David went on and called on people to boycott shows on MTV.

Teen Mom 2 David racism
David Eason | Instagram Stories

The Blast reported that the Teen Mom alum also “called for more fans to send him examples of Cheyenne Floyd and MTV’s alleged history of a “double standard.” Clearly, David Eason’s seething about MTV who seemingly hire and fire very selectively. He got fired for alleged aggression with the crew and his own social media posts. So he feels it unjust that he and Jenelle lost their jobs, but other people remain on the show.

You can see a few more of his posts below, and some of them include other comments from his fans.

Teen Mom david eason posts

What do you think about David Eason accusing MTV of still employing “racists” on Teen Mom? And, what are your feelings about those who don’t set an example of good parenting? Sound off in the comments below.

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