‘RHOBH’: Sutton Stracke Surprises Fans By Supporting Denise Richards

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Sutton Stracke impressed fans on Wednesday night. It all went down during the infamous dinner in which Teddi Mellencamp revealed all to Denise Richards. She explained what Brandi Glanville told her and Kyle Richards about Denise. Viewers were happy to see Sutton defend Denise during the fallout.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast headed to Rome, Italy and it went off with a hitch. At first, newcomer Sutton Stracke didn’t win fans over with her haute couture fashion sense. But she pleasantly suprised them after she defended Denise during dinner. Teddi and Kyle confronted her about the alleged Brandi Glanville affair rumors.

Teddi was the one to drop the bombshell during a dinner in Rome. She revealed that Brandi alleged that Denise talked trash about her co-stars behind their backs. Teddi also spilled the details of Brandi’s allegations that she hooked up with Denise multiple times.

Sutton Stracke was already aware of the rumors

As per The Blast, the RHOBH newbie wasn’t surprised by the Brandi and Denise hookup rumors. While Kyle and Teddi knew about the allegations, everyone else was shocked. Well, everyone except for Sutton Stracke. She admitted during her confessional that she already heard the rumors about Denise and Brandi moths ago from an anonymous source. But she wasn’t going to flap her lips about it.

“Why would I bring up a rumor about who slept with who, especially not at the dinner table,” Sutton asked. “It’s not right. I think Teddi is saying this because she got her feelings hurt.”


Unlike Teddi, Sutton kept her mouth shut. She didn’t want to bring up the topic. For her, it was none of her business who Denise allegedly slept with. She certainly wasn’t going to bring up the topic during a sophisticated Italian dinner. It’s just not considered normal dinner conversation, according to Sutton.

RHOBH newcomer becomes a fan favorite

Sutton Stracke received a lot of praise on Wednesday night. RHOBH fans on Twitter loved that she kept the secret to herself. Others commended her for defending Denise Richards. It could be because of her Southern charm, while others think she’s the most mature woman out of the group. Fans took to Twitter to share their praises for Sutton.

“Here’s a riddle for u: who ruins a fun trip to Rome, repeats fake rumors, and listens to Kyle,” one fan wrote. “A s*** f***ing stirrer. #RHOBH also F U to Teddi, Rinna. Hats off to Sutton!!!!”


“Teddi bringing that all out was too much. Everyone gossips,” another viewer added. “I loved Sutton low key in her interview saying she heard the same thing about Denise and Brandi tho but held it in. #RHOBH.”

Most fans slammed Teddi for spilling Brandi’s claims during dinner. RHOBH fans have been fed up with the accountability coach ever since she made her debut. They agree that she’s boring and gets annoyed by any little thing that doesn’t go her way.

Sutton asks Teddi why she brought up Brandi affair rumors

During the dinner, Sutton Stracke didn’t understand Teddi Mellencamp’s intentions. She asked Teddi whether she was more concerned about what Denise said about her, or what Brandi said about hooking up with Denise. This doesn’t come as a shock to fans since the RHOBH costars have butted heads for the past few episodes.

Sutton’s first impression of Teddi was that she was boring and pregnant, which makes her even more boring. Then Teddi told Sutton that she didn’t care if she showed up to her wellness retreat or not. It’s safe to say these ladies won’t become friends anytime soon.


What are your thoughts on Sutton Stracke defending Denise Richards? Were you pleasantly surprised as well? Sound off below in the comments section.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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