‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are LOVING Adam Busby’s Muscular Hot Dad Bod

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OutDaughtered star Adam Busby is always setting Instagram on fire with rocking hot photos of his spectacularly trim wife Danielle Busby. The TLC family spends a great deal of time at the beach and Danielle is always looking fabulous in a bikini. Many fans are surprised Danielle has such an incredible body considering how many babies she’s carried and given birth to. Danielle, however, has assured fans it wasn’t easy and she worked hard to get the incredibly hot mom body she has.

Danielle isn’t the only Busby with a sexy body.

Turns out, Danielle Busby isn’t the only member of the OutDaughtered family with a rocking body. Adam Busby has a muscular hot ‘dad bod’ that recently left fans of the TLC star drooling all over Instagram.

Adam Busby shared a photo yesterday of himself hitting the gym.

“Haven’t broke out the Jordan 11’s in a while. I can’t be the only one that gets a little extra motivation at the gym depending on my sneaker choice. Mental. oh yea, and i think i found my new favorite workout shirt!” Adam penned in the caption.


The photo featured a ripped Adam Busby putting on a serious gun show for the camera. While he wasn’t showing tons of skin, his muscular calves and ripped arms were visible in the snap. Adam had a half smile on his face as he snapped the selfie. He stood in front of the mirror oozing confidence as he prepared to work out.

Now, as we previously reported, some OutDaughtered fans took issue with Adam hitting the gym during a pandemic. They questioned if he was making the safest choices for him and his family. Adam, however, made it clear that he would take the necessary steps to stay safe. But, he wasn’t going to live in fear.

Moreover, a quick glance of the photo reveals there wasn’t another person anywhere near Adam. So, he was definitely practicing social distancing.

Adam Busby’s followers were here for the sizzling selfie.

Adam Busby’s followers had tons to say about the red hot selfie. In fact, here’s what some of his fans had to say as they drooled all over the keyboard.

  • “Don’t lie you know you wore a extra small shirt to emphasize your arms!!”
  • “Hot dad alert!”
  • “Dude you’re ripped!”
  • “Muscles for days!”
  • “I’m not Christian but, JESUS CHRIST!!”

At a loss for words, some of his followers just left a few flame emojis in the comments. They were clearly feeling the sexy gym snap.


What do you think of Adam Busby’s muscular hot dad bod? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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