Mama June Spruces Herself Up As She Navigates The Road To Sobriety

Mama June

Mama June hit the lowest point of her life last year with her drug addiction. In Family Crisis, WEtv fans saw her looking really dreadful as she confessed to her very expensive drug habit. Since then, she and Geno agreed to go into rehab. Nowadays, she seemingly takes her recovery very seriously. Often, she works out on the beach. While she put on some weight, she started taking care of herself. Now, she took herself out for a spruce-up at the salon.

Mama June looks a lot more like her old self as she navigates sobriety

We reported on July 29, that June smiled a “real smile,” the first one fans saw in a very long time. It seems that the old June, buried by debt and addictions, is making a comeback. Previously, she shared that she got that broken tooth repaired. And now, she turned her attention to looking good and feeling better. On her Instagram on Wednesday, June shared a series of posts saying she got her feet and her hair attended to.

In the first photo, Mama June got up early and hopped in the car for her appointment. She wrote, “Up way too early but my nails and my feet n my hair need attention and a busy day.” Then, in another photo, she revealed that her hair looked a lot nicer. Actually, she’s a very long way from the glamorous June fans remember from before. But, she looks clean, and a lot happier these days. It seems the road to health and sobriety takes a lot of strength, determination, time, and help from friends and family.

Adam Barta comments on June’s post about getting her hair done

Talking of friends, Adam Barta stepped up for June. He trains with her and often they go to the beach and run. Fans agree that he showed the spirit of true friendship with June. On her post, he commented that he’ll “see” June later. It seems they get together almost daily for their workouts. While June gets some trolls for putting weight on and the way she looks, many of them seem very young. Or, the trolls seem ignorant of how devastating drugs are. Hopefully, one day, June becomes an influential advocate for those people who struggle with meth addictions.

Many fans agree that June deserves a lot of encouragement and kudos for her efforts. After all, she took a lot of meth. And, it’s very hard to get over it. Luxury Rehab pointed out, meth’s “a profoundly addictive stimulant drug that can cause changes in brain chemistry over time.” In fact, sometimes, they simply don’t act rationally. That might explain why Mama June abandoned her family. So, her fans hate it when people bring negativity to her Instagram page. Encouragement goes a long way, they think.

Fans like that June makes a big effort to recover from her addiction

Those fans who like that June tackles her problems very seriously told her that she looks much better with her haircut. One said, “What a lovely hairstyle you got there, June!!! I love it!!!! 🥰.” Another one noted, “It’s very flattering on you! Beautiful.”

Do you agree that June looks way better than she did in Mama June: Family Crisis? Sound off in the comments below.

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