Mama June Smiles A ‘Real Smile’ After Rediscovering Boba In Florida

Mama June

Mama June and Geno stay in Flordia at the moment. There they detox and go along to a local rehab center. But, she seldom smiles that real and genuine smile that fans recall from before her fall from grace. But, it seems that she found her old smile again when she rediscovered boba tea in Florida.

Mama June found her smile again in Florida

Mama June shared a photo of a really natural and spontaneous smile. Actually, many fans noticed that. Some of them told her how wonderful it feels seeing her genuine smile again. Fan know that June seemed terribly worse for wear after she sold her home. She and Geno went off and lived a round of casinos. Plus, they blew hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs. Recall, it the last episodes of Family Crisis on WEtv, she talked about spending as much as $2,500 a day on drugs.

Estranged from her daughters, by the time they got her to meet at the production office, she looked really dreadful. Since then, she shared plenty of photos of herself at the beach in Florida. On the 4th of July, she and Geno celebrated by getting in some beach time. Plus, June often shares photos of her working out and running with her friend Adam Barta. But, she never really smiles a lot. Well, she does, but mainly on promos, and it looks forced. But now, fans think they saw Mama June smile a “real smile.” It came after she rediscovered boba tea in Florida.

June rediscovered boba tea and many fans sound clueless

June shared a smiley photo and captioned it with, “finally found Boba out here! I’m a happy girl. How many y’all love Boba too?” Well, many people had no idea what she talked about. But, those who know, answered her question. One person said, “boba is the best drink it’s like a rainbow of flavor in a cup.” Another one elaborated, explaining it’s like a sort of smoothie. Others who know what boba is and live near June wanted to know where she gets it. In response to a comment by Adam Barta, she said, “right behind Perkins Restaurant it is amazing especially if you love Boba so is here in Port st. Lucie.”

Fans commented on June smiling about her boba. One said, “I love your smile.” Another Mama June fan commented on how long it feels since they last saw that genuine “June smile” from the old days. Others hope that everything comes right for her and the rest of the family. Actually, fewer people troll on Mama June these days as they see she really makes an effort at sobriety. In fact, negative trolls get slammed by supporters who wish a total recovery for her.

What do you think about Mama June smiling a really happy smile when she found out that she can buy boba tea in Port St. Lucie, Florida? Sound off in the comments below.

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