‘sMothered’ Fans React To A ‘Pillow Talk’ Spinoff From TLC Like ’90 Day Fiance’

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sMothered came back to TLC with a second season. And on social media, fans think they did an outstanding job finding odd moms and daughters. The show reveals some overly-close relationship between mom and daughters. But this year, the couples seemed just way out there. Fascinated fans seem generally more than happy with the season. Some of them hoped that TLC brings the show back with a spinoff like 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. Now, it looks like they get their wish.

sMothered – Fans wanted a Pillow Talk for ages, now they get something

As the season progressed,  fans on Twitter and Reddit started calling for TLC to bring out a Pillow Talk for the show. It follows the successful show for 90 Day Fiance. There, past members of the cast rewatch episodes and bring their own interpretations and critiques to the series. Talking about sMothered, one Redditor said, “I’ve been wanting this since Pillow Talk was a thing! I’ll even take old TLC randos, Kate and her older girls, Jazz, the husband from 7 Little Johnstons, gotta get commentary on this show.”

But, it looks like the show gets other mothers and daughters, which seems less interesting. As someone on Twitter noted, “The last thing smothered needs is a pillow talk with their own crazies criticizing each other.” Others agree that bringing in siblings or relatives would be far better. Better yet, the cast from 90 Day Fiance. But that’s not likely to happen. Nevertheless, many sMothered fans sound excited about a Pillow Talk either way.

Fans react to the concept of Pillow Talk for sMothered 

Over on Twitter, people reacted to the concept for the mom and daughter show. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “A #smotheredTLC pillow talk?? Can’t wait for that!”
  • “Oh shit, #sMothered version of #PillowTalk next week.”
  • “They’re doing a #smothered pillow talk! Copycats… #90DayFiance.”
  • “FFS @TLC  now you’re doing #smothered pillow talk .. they’re all just going to agree with each other #CrayLovesCray.”
  • “Omg Pillow Talk sMothered style. I can’t wait!”
  • Pillow Talk ala #sMothered? Hmmm?”

Way out moms and daughters

Actually, this year brought plenty of odd stuff. Many people can’t get over Mary and Brittani who took it away for weird, fans thought. From sharing a shower, through to colon cleansing, plastic surgery, and more, fans remained hypnotized. Fans saw Sarah and Laurie and a rather strange baby teeth-sniffing episode. Then, Marcia and Alenagot down to doing the licky-lick thing all over. Many people hoped for Pillow Talk for the show, but with some therapists instead.

Despite lots of fans wanting a show like that, some people seem less than eager. Nevertheless, probably many people tune in and watch next week.

What do you think about the concept of a TLC Pillow Talk for sMothered? Sound off in the comments below.

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