Chase Severino Told Whitney About His Baby Months After He Knew About Sarah’s Pregnancy

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney and Chase new season

Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore split up and the news emerged in early May. The reason related to the fact that Chase expects a baby by another woman, Sarah. But it seems that he and Sarah already now about the pregnancy for months before he broke the news to Whitney. That information arrived via the Baby Registry.

Chase Severino told Whitney Way Thore about the baby on the phone

We reported in early May, that Whitney and Chase split. In a long and sad Instagram post, she said that the baby meant the end of their relationship.  My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans already suspected the split happened before that. In fact, they started deleting their posts of each other before that. Possibly, it went back as far as late April. So, while nobody yet pinpointed the date Chase told Whitney, fans wonder how advanced Sarah’s pregnancy might have been at the time.

Whitney said that she got a phone call from Chase Severino during quarantine. He wanted to see her. But, worried about the coronavirus, she preferred for him to talk all on the phone. So, he told her about the baby he expects with another woman. The shock of it all freaked her out. In fact, The Sun reported that she suffered a panic attack. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star ended up at the hospital. On her Instagram, she mentioned that she went there more than once. But, her friend Buddy drove down and collected her. And he stayed with her ever since.

Chase and Sarah must have told Whitney well into her pregnancy

A hunt around the Internet reveals that Chase Severino and Sarah expect their baby on September 25, 2020. Fans assume then, that Whitney’s shock probably got made worse by the fact that Sarah seemed quite far along when they finally told Whitney. In fact, over on Reddit, fans discuss that she may have been as far along as four or even five months. However, one Redditor pointed out, “My guess is that Whitney knew much sooner. They were probably going to try to include her “finding out” in the next season, but the news got leaked and she had to address it.”

Others picked up in the Reunion, the fact that Whitney seemed miserable. A user noted about Chase Severino and Whitney, that they actually almost “low-key” bickered. But, Whitney didn’t necessarily know Chase impregnated Sarah back then. After all, he seemed rather distant with her in Paris. He spent a lot of time actually avoiding his soon-to-be fiance. So much so, that fans wondered if TLC didn’t manufacture the whole story just for TV ratings.

Other fans speculate the baby probably got conceived around about “New Years’ Eve/Day or the first week of January.” That means that if Whitney only found out in late April to early May, then Sarah must have been well along with her pregnancy by then. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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