‘RHONY’: Ramona Singer Brings More Drama, Wants Off The Show – Fans Think She Should Go

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RHONY star Ramona Singer really gets up the noses of Bravo fans these days. They slammed her for thinking she’s special and claiming she’s in the top one percent of the wealthy. Notably, though, she didn’t even tip a waiter. Plus, they grow sick of her drama with Leah. Plus, they saw way too much in the episode where The Real Housewives of New York actually showed her poop on the show. She made much drama abut using a plunger. Anyway, now she says she’s over the cast and the show and threatened to resign. Fans think she should go.

RHONY – Ramona  loses it at her party, screams at the producers and wants off the show

In this week’s episode of  The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona ended up creating way more drama than usual. She threw a party for her birthday. That’s never a great idea with the cast as they tend to drink way too much, fans think. Fans know that Leah and Ramona clashed in the past. And, Ramona just totally ignored her when Leah went over to wish her the best for her birthday. So, almost in retaliation for the snub, after a few drinks, Leah went off and danced with Luann de Lesseps.

As so often happens with Luann, things got seductive between the two RHONY women. They danced a lot and people started talking about it with raised eyebrows. That infuriated Ramona who took off and told Leah to stop. So, Leah called Ramona a “psychotic,” and Ramona lost it back. Actually, it was Ramona’s party, so Leah probably stirred it up a bit too much. But, Ramona’s reaction really got everyone’s attention, including critical fans. She screamed for the producers to stop filming. During her meltdown, she threatened to “quit” the show.


Fans think Ramona should just leave RHONY and not talk about it

On Twitter, as usual, fans followed all the drama and commented as it all unfolded. One critic said, “And second, Ramona said she will quit the show- praise be.” Another one noted, “#RHONY There comes a time that you have to think of yourself and remove toxic relationships from your life. Like narcissists Luann & Ramona, who think the world revolves around them. They take and take, NEVER giving in return. They use people, mooch [off] of them. Cut them loose!!”

Many fans think Ramona should give it up with these parties and drama. One RHONY critic noted, “Ramona tattling to production is ridiculous. Thanks to Sonja and Leah for making this party entertaining. And not nightmare fuel. This better be Ramona‘s last d*mn season..” 

But not everyone sided against Ramona. One RHONY fan differed and said, “Leah screaming at Ramona like that at her own birthday party was despicable. So trashy!!”

What did you think about Ramona melting down the threatening to quit? Would you like to see her off the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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