‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Cryptic Quote – Does It Mean She Planned Her Goal & And Now Acts?

Sister Wives meri brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems very well-read. She often shares quotes from excellent writers and philosophers. Mostly, it leaves fans and tabloids grasping for the meaning behind it. Now, she shared a quote by Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian novelist. On the surface, it looks like just common sense. But with Meri Brown, it’s always a good idea to take a look at a deeper level. Did she plan towards achieving a new goal? Is she ready now to put her plans into action?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has a fondness for memes and quotes

We reported a few days ago, that Meri posts less on her Instagram page these days and more on her Stories. She invites speculation through memes as they often relate to real life. For example, everyone knows that her daughter Mariah belongs to the LGBTQ community. We noted that she shared a meme about supporting kids “regardless of their sexuality.” Mariah’s very vocal about Black Lives Matter at the moment. Perhaps Meri sent a cryptic message that she too supports the movement.

Actually, fans and the tabloids who write about the Sister Wives family love speculating about Meri’s memes. The Hollywood Gossip recently took an awful lot of meaning from a quote that Meri posted. She shared, “You are afraid of surrender because you don’t want to lose control…But you never had control, all you had was anxiety.”‘ That clearly suggests to them that Meri’s over Kody and plans on “mingling” again. So could her latest meme and quote mean she figured out her plans on a way forward and now puts them into action?

Meri’s Paulo Coelho quote

On Tuesday night, the TLC star shared a quote by Paul Coelho. It read, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Actually, the meaning seems rather obvious. In other words, stop talking and do something. That could relate to the current protests and political divide in the USA. But, if we relate it to Meri and speculation she moved on from Kody, then perhaps it means something else.

Clearly, before someone takes any meaningful action, they first make a decision. Then, they plan for that. Once they planned and worked out a path to achieve the goal, they then finally take action. Impulsive actions are very different from planned goals. Perhaps Meri now met all the steps in her plan and finally feels ready to take some definite action. Obviously, Sister Wives fans could assume that revolves around life without Kody Brown.

Sister Wives Meri brown

But, one thing Sister Wives fans know about Meri Brown, is that she also has a sense of humor. Sometimes, she says things on her Instagram that gets fans guessing. And, she always enjoys that and laughs a lot in the comments. Perhaps she just posts cryptic quotes and memes to laugh at the tabloid speculation her memes bring. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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