Sarah Hyland Reflects on Decision to Postpone Wedding

Sarah Hyland from Instagram

29-year-old Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, understandably feels disappointed she can’t have her dream wedding this year, but is handling it so gracefully. Now, she is opening up on how she feels about the situation.

Sarah postpones her wedding

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding. Originally, the ceremony was going to take place during the pandemic. However, Sarah says there are more important things to worry about right now.

“I think right now there are more important things to worry about,” Sarah told People. She plans to marry former Bachelorette contestant, Wells Adams.

“We definitely want to get married one day and have the wedding of our dreams and have everybody that we love there,” Sarah continued. “But we postponed wedding planning because we want to be able to focus on what’s important right now, and that’s helping to spread information to wear masks and to only go out for essential needs and also take a really big look inside yourself and reflect on how you treat others.”

Sarah and Wells are in Good Company

Sarah and Wells aren’t the only celebrity couple whose wedding plans have changed during Coronavirus. Bindi Irwin and now-husband Chandler Powell married in a very small ceremony in March. It wasn’t what they planned, but the couple is very happy anyway.

On Instagram, Bindi describes how glad she is they went through with the wedding, even if they only had a few guests. She said how mess and beautiful life can be, and that it should be felt. It seems Wells and Sarah feel the same way.

“One of the only positive things that has come out of this is we’re forced to slow down and maybe think about things in a different way,” Wells said. “There is a little bit of silver lining. Maybe something good can come out of this. And I’ve found it really wonderful to be with Sarah this entire time. It’s been nice to get to know her on a deeper level. Before, we were working so much that it was a little bit like ships passing in the night. It’s been nice to keep falling in love with Sarah.”

The Couple Under Quarantine

During quarantine, the couple has been spending a lot of quality time with one another. In the People interview, they describe celebrating the one-year anniversary of their engagement under lockdown.

Wells said the pair dressed up, cooked a fancy meal, and pretended to go to the theater. The theater was actually watching Hamilton on Disney+. Sarah added she even put on makeup for the special occasion.

Even though Coronavirus altered so many wedding plans this year, we’re so thankful for stories like these. It’s very refreshing to read about couples who love each other so much, in spite of the chaos around them. Hopefully, when the smoke clears, Sarah and Wells can have the wedding they always dreamed of having.

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