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John Cena Animated Series ‘Dallas And Robo’ Rockets To SYFY, TZGZ Slate Preview


John Cena is a wrestling icon and former romantic partner to Nikki Bella of the Bella Twins. He also has an animated persona landing on SYFY this summer.  Dallas and Robo is the cartoon adventures of Cena’s character Robo and Kat Dennings’ character, Dallas.

Today, John Cena’s Twitter and Facebook accounts reflected the news as SYFY is ready for “a mutha truckin’ good time” and aims to capture the adult toon fanbase with their space-based screwball comedy.

Dallas and Robo stars Cena and Kat Dennings, and comes on Saturday, August 8 at midnight-ish ET/PT according to the network.

And the 8-episode half-hour adult animated comedy marks the first cable run during the network’s TZGZ late-night animation block. Episodes will also be available on SYFY On Demand.

John Cena’s space-based oddball buddy comedy

SYFY adds that their TZGZ Late-Night adult animation block will also present four upcoming original series at [email protected] on Friday, July 24.

Cena noted:

The premise of Dallas and Robo

Space base buddy comedies? This space-trucking comedy chronicles the mis-adventures of “foul-mouthed ex-stock car racer Dallas (Dennings) and her ass-kickin’ artificially intelligent good buddy, Robo (Cena). ”

These two unlikely sorts will traverse the universe together, dodging “cannibal bikers, rival space truckers and vending machine burritos” as they attempt to earn a living “in the seedy world of interplanetary big rigging.”

The series is executive produced by series creator Mike Roberts and showrunners Matt Mariska and Andy Sipes, alongside Cena. Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico from ShadowMachine also executive produce.

What is TZGZ?

TZGZ is SYFY’s late-night adult animation block.

The block airs on Saturdays at midnight-ish, because according to SYFY in a statement: “Just come hang whenever… we’re around. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling chill, funny and maybe even have the munchies.  We’ve got animated comedy with a genre twist and of course, a High Wizard to keep you company. What else do you need?”

Their programming blocks include four original series, five original pilots and 11 acquired series.

The original series will include Pamela Adlon starring Devil May Care, Maria Bamford and Matthew Lillard starring Hell Den, Ana Gasteyer starring Magical Girl Friendship Squad and Reggie Watts starring Wild Life.

The acquired series are Alien’s Guide To Earth, Brogan: Master of Castles, Cyanide and Happiness, Dallas and Robo, Don’t Feed The Humans, Dr. Havoc’s Diary, Gary and His Demons, Hell Den (S2), Purgatony Science!, Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins.

The five original pilots include Chronicles of Frank, The Black Hole, The Pole, Psycho Palms, Plutonians.

More Comic-Con news

SYFY says:

Additionally, on Friday, July 24 at 9PM ET/6PM PT, SYFY’s TZGZ will… drum roll please… present four new original series during a fun and fast-paced [email protected] panel. Creators and celebrity voices of DEVIL MAY CARE, WILD LIFE, MAGICAL GIRL FRIENDSHIP SQUAD and HELL DEN will give the 411 on each series and show exclusive sneak peeks


Dallas And Robo premieres in SYFY’s adult animation block, TZGZ, on Saturday, August 8 at midnight-ish.

April Neale

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