‘BIP’ Alum Demi Burnett Is Tired Of People Labeling Her Sexuality For Her

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Demi Burnett is fed up with most of Bachelor Nation. She’s tired over the constant speculation over her sexuality. The BIP star originally appeared during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She took to Twitter to share her frustrations over the questions.

Not only do fans question her sexuality, but they also label it for her. Demi first came out to the world when she came out as sexually fluid during Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, she received backlash from Bachelor Nation. While most viewers praised Demi for coming out, others have questions about her sexuality. This comes amid her split from Slater Davis.

Demi Burnett fires back at Bachelor Nation over her sexuality

Bachelor Nation alum Demi Burnett asked fans to stop labeling and questioning her sexuality, as per The Things. On Wednesday, July 22, she took to Twitter to voice her concern. Demi asked her fans to stop putting a label on her sexuality. She also asked them to stop basing her sexuality on who she dates.

“So f***ing sick of ppl speaking their opinion on my sexuality,” Demi wrote. “I have the freedom to like who I like. If I like a guy, that doesn’t mean I’m straight. If I like a girl, that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. Just let me be and let me love who I want to without trying to categorize me.”


The Bachelor alum shouldn’t have to explain her sexuality to anyone. But some fans placed the blame on Demi because of her reality TV fame. One of them responded to Demi’s tweet and apologized for invalidating her sexuality. Then the fan took back her comment and Demi responded, “Know the weight of your words.”

Bachelor in Paradise alum has dealt with the backlash before

Demi Burnett has been through this before. She had to deal with the negative side of Bachelor Nation, especially when it came to her relationship with her ex-girlfriend Kristian Haggerty. When she moved on with Slater Davis, fans wanted her to explain her sexuality. Despite the backlash, Demi received an outpouring of support to her latest tweet.

Fans revealed how they dealt with bi-erasure and the pressure to explain their sexuality. One fan revealed that Demi’s courage to come out inspired her to accept herself and come out to her family.


“I have waffled for years on my ‘label,'” one fan wrote. “Bi, maybe straightish, heteroflexible, then def bi. But married to a man so? You were a real turning point for me in accepting myself and finally coming out to my parents at 29. And my husband helps me think of gay TikTok ideas!”

Most fans were supportive of Demi’s tweet. Both her bisexual and pansexual fans can relate since they’ve experienced similar reactions to their personal lives. They’ve also dealt with the constant struggle of validating themselves to others. Demi is an important part of Bachelor Nation since she’s inspired others to come to terms with their own sexuality.

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