‘Twilight’ Movies On Amazon Revives Fan Issues With Jasper

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All five of the Twilight movies being available for streaming via Amazon Prime Video has caused a revival of chatter revolving around how much fans dislike the character Jasper.

Twilight chatter trends as Amazon Video streams.

Any time a streaming service picks up the Twilight movies, the topic itself trends across social media platforms. Those who originally watched the movies when they hit theaters reminiscence. And, the Twilight fan base also acquires some new members who are just seeing the movies for the first time.

Both new and old fans binge through all five movies in the Twilight saga. And, then they take to platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to discuss them. Unfortunately, the Twilight saga trending has caused the revival of some negative chatter. While, as a whole, people who love the movies really love the movies…. There are certain aspects of the movies (and books) that even fans do not care for.

Twilight fans take huge issue with Jasper because of his backstory.

The backstory of Jasper Hale, born Jasper Whitlock, (played by Jackson Rathbone) really comes to life in the third Twilight movie called Eclipse. Fans learn Jasper Hale was a member of the Confederate Army before he was turned into a vampire. Upon becoming a vampire, Jasper develops the ability to control moods and emotions of the people around him. The ability itself is a bit of a controversial topic among fans.

Why? Well, in the second movie (New Moon) there is a scene where Alice gives Bella a birthday present before telling her amount her birthday party. The scene suggests Jasper manipulates Bella’s mood. Forcing her to say yes to the party. But, the entire Twilight saga as a whole reveals Bella is a shield. And, as a shield, she is immune to special abilities. So, not being immune to Jasper was a little baffling to fans who paid attention to the finer details of the series.


The biggest issue for fans, however, was Jasper being a Confederate soldier. Fans believe this was an unnecessary detail. And, they’ve been VERY vocal about it on Twitter as of late.

Now, the Confederate Army fought in support of slavery within the states. And, many Twilight fans took great issue with this information. They questioned why Jasper needed such an offense backstory.

Regardless of feelings, his backstory pertaining to the newborns was vital to the third movie. It was what allowed him to prepare his family (and the wolves) for battle against the newborn army.

So, do you have an issue with Jasper’s character in the Twilight movies? Sound off in the comments!

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