‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante Seems Fully Recovered From Her Coronavirus

Storage wars brandi passante

Storage Wars star, Brandi Passante revealed at the end of June that she got diagnosed with the coronavirus. It came at the same time that she confirmed her split from Jarrod. Brandi doesn’t often post on Instagram. But when she did on Sunday, some fans wondered about her coronavirus. She seems fully recovered now.

Storage Wars – Brandi seems much better after coronavirus diagnosis

On Sunday, Brandi took to Instagram and shared a photobomb picture. She captioned it with “Peek a boo.” She tagged it as “Your Moms House.” Many fans noted they felt happy because she looked happy. Bear in mind, only a few weeks ago, she confirmed the split from Jarrod. We reported that she spoke on The Dad Diary and confirmed their split came two years ago. So, these days, she lives life as a single mom. But, she also revealed her coronavirus test came back positive.

As fans know she got coronavirus, some of them wondered about the picture she shared on the weekend. One fan said, “I thought that you were grounded with Corona?” But, if you think about the timeline, she wouldn’t likely still be infectious. After all, when the news about her coronavirus came out, she said she got diagnosed about 12 days before. At the time, she still had some symptoms though. The Storage Wars icon talked about losing her sense of taste and suffering terrible “headaches.”

The timeline suggests Brandi need not quarantine anymore

By the time Brandi shared her Peek-a-boo post on July 15, that meant she tested positive for the virus just over a month ago. The CDC recommends “14 days of quarantine after exposure based on the time it takes to develop the illness.” Notably, that period ended a while back for Brandi. And, she likely got tested again to ensure that she recovered from the illness. She looks happy and relaxed and healthy in the Instagram post.

Fans noticed that, and they seem very glad that she looks well again. After all, the illness can leave people feeling wrecked for ages. Stars like Todd Chrisley and Andy Cohen felt pretty weak and awful for ages afterward. One Storage Wars fan wrote that the picture’s rather dark. Brandi’s not “clearly visible” in the photo. But they noted she “looks beautiful.” Another fan posted, “Looking beautiful as always.” However, a few fans noted that she lost some weight. That’s no real huge surprise as reportedly, the coronavirus really takes it out of you.


Many fans just put up loving emojis, indicating their happiness that she seems well and looks like she enjoys a bit of fun. Clearly, she fully recovered from her coronavirus now. Did you contract the virus? How long did it take you to get over it and feel much better? Sound off in the comments below.

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