‘BIP’ Couple Hannah Godwin And Dylan Barbour Paused Wedding, Looking For New Home

'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are having to pause wedding planning amid the pandemic. However, pausing their wedding isn’t keeping them down. The two are currently on the hunt for a bigger place in San Diego to call home.

Hannah and Dylan are house hunting

US Weekly shared all about Hannah and Dylan’s plans. The coronavirus pandemic may have stopped the wedding planning, but these two are still preparing for their future. Hannah says she has been commuting back and forth between her place in Los Angeles and Dylan’s in San Diego.

Hannah said, “I’ve been back and forth from my L.A. spot and Dylan’s San Diego place for a while now! Getting to spend more time in San Diego has definitely made me realize how much I love it and getting to spend more time with Dylan makes me realize how much I love coffee in bed every morning.” She continued, “We are definitely on the hunt for a bigger San Diego place that we can both call home!”

And, she already knows Dylan makes a great roommate. She said, “Luckily, Dylan has been an awesome roommate and we really balance chores out well. We’re also good at giving each other personal space when we need it, too!”

Their anniversary recent anniversary

Hannah also revealed she and Dylan just celebrated their one year anniversary of getting engaged. Fans know they met and fell in love last summer on the beaches of Mexico. Bachelor in Paradise has produced multiple successful couples.

To celebrate their anniversary, the adorable couple ventured out to have a picnic in Huntington Beach. And, Hannah and Dylan have decided they like the idea of going somewhere or making memories instead of exchanging gifts.


Hannah and Dylan’s wedding plans

As far as their wedding, they want a big event. Prior to the pandemic taking hold of the world, they had been looking at dates and venues. So, while they can’t plan anything just yet, they will just continue enjoying their engagement. She did say she thinks their wedding will take place in California. She said, “I’ll say this, the West Coast definitely has our hearts so we are thinking somewhere in California as a spot to tie the knot!”

There will be many familiar places present on their big day. Chris Harrison will definitely be there. Plus, she hinted many others from Bachelor Nation as well. As far as bridesmaids and groomsmen Hannah said to stay tuned for more details.

They two have already had a big engagement party to celebrate their love for one another. Many Bachelor Nation faces were at that special event as well.

Hannah and Dylan aren’t the only Bachelor couple to have to reschedule or pause wedding planning. Many others have had to push the pause or reschedule button as well. Hopefully soon the pandemic will ease up so these lovebirds can get back to wedding planning.

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