‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack’s Runner-Up Was Offered ‘Bachelorette’ Lead

Brad Womack and Chris Harrison via Instagram

Information that not all Bachelor fans may know is coming out. Monday night fans saw the condensed version of Brad Womack’s two seasons. Chris Harrison spoke with Brad, but he also spoke with Chantal O’Brien. She was runner-up to Emily Maynard. And, it is being disclosed that she was originally selected to be The Bachelorette before Ashley Hebert was awarded the job.

Chantal originally given The Bachelorette job after Brad’s season

Chantal admitted the time period following her break-up with Brad was hard on her. Entertainment Tonight shared all the details. She said, “I came home. It was right before Thanksgiving. All of the sudden, there was a spoiler out at the time that I was engaged to Brad, and it put a level of scrutiny on me that I just really wasn’t prepared for, and people speculating and saying all these things.” Chantal continued,  “I was getting texts saying, ‘Congratulations on your engagement.’ I think it was just more of a shell shock.”

Of course that spoiler came from Reality Steve. During Monday’s night showing of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Steve tweeted out in response to what she said. See the tweet below.

Chantal was offered the gig of The Bachelorette and she had accepted. However, things ended up going a different way for Chantal. She said,

“I said yes [to being the Bachelorette].” She continued, “What happened was, I ended up going on a blind date, and after our first date, I called my best friend and I said, ‘I just met my future husband.'”


She felt bad but feels it worked out in the end

Chantal went on to say, “So, it was that clear to me. I felt really bad, because I had committed to you guys to do that, but I also had to be really honest and you guys wouldn’t want somebody whose heart was somewhere else. And it worked out! Ashley found her husband, right? So, it was good!”

And, Chantal is still married to this guy she talked about to this day. They have now been married over eight years. She has two children as well and she’s very happy. Chantal said, “It worked out the way it was supposed to. I feel very lucky.”


Ashley Hebert did go on to meet and marry her final choice. She married JP Rosenbaum. Chris Harrison officiated their wedding in 2012. They have two adorable children and live in Florida.

Brad had chosen Emily Maynard over Chantal and got engaged. They only lasted about eight months before calling it quits. Brad still lives in Austin, Texas and is actually dating again. He is in a serious relationship with a fitness trainer. He even introduced her to Chris and the world on Monday night.

Everyone seems happy and where they were meant to be. Stay tuned for more news on all your favorite Bachelor stars.


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