‘RHONJ’: Teresa Giudice Has Solid Advice for a Cheating Fan on Cameo

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is full of surprises. She did not disappoint a fan who booked a Cameo with the reality star. If you don’t know what Cameo is, celebrities record videos of birthday shoutouts and things of that nature. For a fee, your best friend can get a birthday greeting from their favorite Housewife. 

Cameo Booked for Cheating Fan

At the start of Cameo videos, the celebrity recites the reason given for the Cameo message. In Teresa’s viral appearance, a woman named Rachel booked it for her friend, Jessica. We’ll let Teresa explain the situation. At the start of the Cameo, she says, 

“[Rachel] told me you [Jessica]  just had s*x with your fiancé’s brother that had chlamydia.”

According to Teresa’s message, the family is getting “suspicious” of what went down. 

Teresa then reveals that she was asked by Rachel to give Jessica some advice. The RHONJ star suggests that Jessica visits a doctor to “get medication” and “get [yourself] good.” Once that is done, Teresa suggests that Jessica “stay away” from her hook-up and his family 

RHONJ Star to Fan: ‘It Is What It Is’ 

The Fabulicious author wishes Jessica “all the best in life.” Teresa knows all about making mistakes, so she offers some sage advice for the fan. “Fix it, make it better and get out of the situation.” 

She also tells the fan that the situation “is what it is.” 

People magazine notes that there’s no way to know if the story is real. Regardless, Teresa was a good sport about it. And she made out with $200, her Cameo appearance fee. 

Many Bravo fans thought the RHONJ’s advice was spot-on and also hilarious. Instagram user @bravohaus has a screengrab of the Cameo. Watch it below. 



Teresa Faces Backlash After Daughter Gets Nose Job

While some fans thought Teresa’s Cameo was funny, they aren’t happy about her parenting. Over the weekend, fans were upset over her daughter Gia’s revelation that she’s gone under the knife. Gia posted a photo with a caption about how she got a nose job to be happier with herself

Some fans took the opportunity to bash Teresa in the comment section. As any RHONJ fan knows, Teresa has had more than her share of plastic surgery procedures.

Fans question whether Teresa has been a bad influence on her daughters. In addition to Gia, Teresa has three other daughters. Gabriella (16,) Milania (15) and Audriana (11.) 

Teresa raises the girls alone after her husband, Joe Guidice, lost his final deportation appeal earlier this year. 

Tell us in the comments what you think about Teresa’s Cameo. Would you ever pay to get a greeting from your favorite celeb? 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is will resume filming soon. Check back with us for updates. 

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