‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Quits Instagram But Remains On Paid Cameos

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her long-distance boyfriend Dimitri Garcia feature on MTV this year. But, while he defends her, fans don’t forget her history. Now she told folks that she quits social media (again), because of the negativity. But notably, she still remains on Cameo, a pay-for-interaction site.

Teen Mom OG – Amber posts about Karma and quitting Instagram

We reported in early June, that Dimitri grew angry with fans who told him to stay clear of Amber. He told them they should stop “trying to change his mind” about her. Some fans think he just dates her for some fame and money. But, he said that he loves her and accepts her. Nevertheless, few fans can comment on his Instagram as he mostly disables comments. And, these days, Amber posts very little. But she posted a lot on the weekend.

The Teem Mom OG star wrote a long post about karma. She said, “For my health and mental stability that I have worked so hard to successfully change I will not be a part of this anymore.” Then, she explained that she no longer accept this “negativity from social media.” In fact, she left before and now feels that when she came back she tried being “nice.” But, to no avail. She feels that simply, it’s “not worth the time.” But, she told fans they could still stay in touch via Cameo. Notably, Cameo’s a paid site, so maybe that’s what she means by Instagram not “worth the time.”

Pay for talks with Amber who promises trolls karma bite-back

Over on Cameo, you may reach out to Amber and chat with her if you fork out the moolah. Amber said that way, she can only accept “positive people.” As for the rest, she noted, “may karma not be too harsh because from experience it can be very intense. Only the strong can survive and sometimes some people aren’t on the same wavelength. Try to be blessed.” Well, that message didn’t impress everyone and one bit back.

A Teen Mom OG followers said to Amber, “The thing with Karma is, it doesn’t just apply to people you think it should, it applies to everyone so if you talk about in relation to other people’s behaviour you must expect it for yourself also. I believe in redemption but to be redeemed you must accept your mistakes not deflect and make excuses.”


Meanwhile, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball also shared a post about Cameo. There, fans reacted. One said, “GIRL JUST GET A JOB! NO ONE WILL PAY $100 TO TALK TO YOU! YOUR NAME IS AMBER NOT BEYONCE!!” Then, another person noted, “Who would be that desperate to talk to her for $100?! Not a chance here.”

What do you think? Will people pay good money to talk to Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG? Sound off in the comments below.

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