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‘RHONY’: Fans Just ‘Can’t’ With Actually Seeing Ramona’s Poop On Television

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RHONY fans know that once upon a time, Leah McSweeney’s sister suggested that Ramona pooped her pants at a party. Thankfully, like Sarah, fans never saw that poop incident. But now, fans really got an eyeful of Ramona Singer’s poop and they just “can’t” with Bravo filming it. Many Real Housewives of New York City fans expressed their disgust.

RHONY – Ramona boasts at Dorinda’s party and then clogs the toilet

We reported back in early July, that RHOBH star Brandi Glanville wouldn’t mind starring on Real Housewives of New York. But, she felt she might never do it. If she spent too much time with Ramona Singer, she might “kill” her. While she joked about that as she talked about her least favorite Bravo co-stars, fans often feel the same way when it comes to Ramona. She makes a lot of outrageous claims. And, she thinks she’s very special because of her wealth.

But, Ramona seldom acts classy, despite her claims. In the last episode of the RHONY show, fans felt revolted as they watched her try and fix a clogged toilet. She went to Dorinda’s party. There she boasted about being in the top 1% of the richest. She also claimed that because of her wealth she’s very special. Well, her money obviously never educated her about hygiene, some fans think. The Blast reported in May, that Leah McSweeney’s sister lambasted Ramona for pooping in her plants at another party.

Ramona’s poop and other gross details

In a social media exchange, the outlet cited what went down. Sarah wrote, “I was embarrassed when you popped your pants the next night at dinner and were still prancing around trying to flirt with drunk married men with “soiled” pants on. @elyseslaine was my witness. But she was being a good friend and trying to distract me from your sh-t stained pants. And @averysinger please get your mom some depends.”‘

Fans probably felt grateful they never saw that poop. But they saw plenty of it on RHONY in the last episode. Ramona involved Leah who saw the poop after she clogged the toilet. Ramona made much about using a plunger to get the floaters down. Fans hated that. One person noted that she even put her hand in the toilet. Another one commented, “Hearing about Ramona’s sh-tscapades and then seeing her sh-t on tv was incredibly disturbing. Dear editors, please spare us from this sh-t.”

Another person commented, “Did Ramona just put her in ungloved BARE hand in a toilet bowl with poop in it? What was that…? We don’t want it!”

What do you think about Bravo revealing Ramona on RHONY with a plunger, a clogged toilet, and poop streaks? Sound off in the comments below.

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