’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Larina Puts David Into Daycare – Feels Zero Guilt

90 Day Fiance Emily Larina

90 Day Fiance fans know that Emily Larina’s husband Sasha doesn’t work a nine to five. So they spend more time together than most regular couples, But, Emily also wants time for herself. So, she put her son David into daycare. And, she says that she feels zero guilt about it.

90 Day Fiance star Emily feels no guilt about David going to daycare

On Thursday night, Emily took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself with her son David. She wrote in the caption, “I put my son in small group daycare for half of the day.” Then, she explained that she feels “absolutely 0% guilt about it.”  She talked about how Sasha works different hours and counts herself “lucky.” Emily said she gets “to spend more time with him than most working moms.” And, she cherishes that.

But the 90 Day Fiance star also wants time for herself. She mentioned “work or study” or even just a quiet cup of “coffee.” She believes that time to herself makes her a “Better mom,” adding, “It’s also better for him.” Emily likes the idea of David interacting with friends. “Social interaction’s” very important, the young mom thinks. In fact, she points out that “he smiles and laughs when he sees his friends at drop off.” Next, Emily talked about her fans who may get shamed for using daycare.

Emily not scared about talking using daycare for kids

Fans heard from Emily anyone who gets shamed for using daycare should “send the shamer my way.” She promised  a “deep discussion” to figure out [with the shamer] “what made them that way 😂.” One fan responded and said, “I don’t think anyone is hating on daycare for kids. I think they’re worried about daycare during covid?” But, Emily came back with an answer for them. She replied saying, “there are actually a lot of things we could learn from some daycares and their handling of COVID.”

But, others know how it feels with mom-shaming. One of them described shaming after they returned to work. They added that she works in “mental health.” Others felt Emily need not explain her decisions about her child. A 90 Day Fiance fan noted, “Emily – you don’t need to explain to anyone. I was a stay at home mom and put mine with a sitter one day a week so I could clean and grocery shop. Mine were 14 months apart and I needed one day of peace for my sanity!! You go girl!!!”


Many other people said they don’t mind using daycare. But, the fear of COVID-19 holds them back right now. Other people, who pick up some mom-shaming for it agree daycare helps. Sometimes shopping, studying, or cleaning seems less stressful with the kids looked after by a professional. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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