’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Milks His 5-Minutes Of Fame – Fans Predict COVID-19 For Him Soon

90 Day Fiance Big Ed

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed’s not all that popular with many fans of TLC. They hated his treatment of Rose. They also hate that he thinks he’s the best thing that ever happened on the franchise. Many of them believe he’s totally weird and very odd. But Ed works the fans and many of them adore him. In fact, he seemingly milks his 5-minutes of fame with lots of meet-and-greets as well. Critics think that very soon, COVID-19 takes him down.

90 Day Fiance critics of Ed think that he does too much meet-and-greet during COVID-19

Despite many people feeling that Big Ed shows way too much inappropriate interaction with young fans, hundreds of thousands of fans love him. Recently, we reported that he charges an unbelievable amount of money for private zoom sessions. At $400, fans seem happy to throw money his way for a one-on-one. His followers now hover near half a million on Instagram, way high for a first-timer on the franchise.

Big Ed milks it with them. Lately, he started sharing a lot of meet-and-greet encounters with fans. He meets people in malls, restaurants, shops, and more. And, he doesn’t wear a mask. Some 90 Day Fiance fans criticize him for not setting an example to his younger fans. But, now they predict that soon coronavirus takes Bg Ed down. On Thursday night, Ed shared another photo of him with fans. He tagged it as SKA Bar San Diego. Once again, he revealed himself with a group of people. Of the six people in the picture, only two of them wore masks. Big Ed stood with his arm around one of them.

Coronavirus for Big Ed?

Fans don’t wish for people to get ill with coronavirus. But, they predict that Ed places himself at too much risk. One follower said, “Please wear a fn mask! This pandemic is real!!! Take it seriously. Maybe come to my unit and see how Covid kills a person and they die alone. Come on Ed smarten up!” Another person predicted, “you always not wearing mask! oh you think covid19 will not spread to people who not have a neck?”

Another 90 Day Fiance fan also predicted, “Rona coming for Big Ed.” Then, others commented that he might get sick. One person noted, “You are gonna get the Rona.” Really concerned, a fan told Ed, “Dude put a big Ed sticker on a mask and wear it. San Diego does not have small COVID numbers.” Of course, the conspiracy theorists who hate the idea of maks encourage Big Ed. In fact, they thank him for not wearing one.


Realistically, Ed’s not in the best of health and could be at risk if he gets sick. So, it’s no laughing matter for many followers of the show. What do you think about Ed going to all these meet-and-greets without a mask? Do you think he might get COVID-19? Sound off in the comments below.

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