Katy Perry Is ‘Grateful’ That Orlando Bloom Is Already A Father

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Katy Perry doesn’t mind that Orlando Bloom is already a father. She’s glad that he knows what to do. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor shares a 9-year-old son, Flynn, with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

This wouldn’t be the case for most women. They would prefer their significant other to experience parenthood with them. But not so for Katy Perry. In a new interview, Katy revealed that she’s glad that Orlando already had his first-time experience as a parent.

The 35-year-old singer is getting ready to become a mother. She also revealed that she’s a few weeks due. Back in March, she confirmed to her fans that she’s pregnant with her and Orlando Bloom’s first child. In April, it was revealed that the couple is having a baby girl.

Katy Perry is “grateful” that Orlando Bloom already “had a test run” with his son

During an interview with Hit Radio Breakfast, Katy Perry is relieved that Orlando Bloom has already experienced parenthood. She thinks that’s a bonus.

“The good thing is that he has a kid that’s nine,” Katy said, as per Us Weekly. “He’s been through it so when we were going to pick out strollers, he knew exactly the stroller.”


The “Daisies” singer said she’s “grateful” that the 43-year-old actor has “already had a test run.” Orlando and the supermodel welcomed Flynn in 2011 and have co-parented the 9-year-old since their split in 2013. The Lord of the Rings star talked about their relationship in a 2017 interview with Elle UK.

“Miranda and I have a remarkable relationship. We co-parent really well.”

The singer has a funny nickname for her unborn daughter

Katy Perry also revealed the nickname she has in mind for her unborn daughter. The couple revealed the sex of their baby in a pink frosting gender reveal. In an interview with Mix 104.1 last month, Katy admitted that they don’t have a name picked out yet. During her interview with Hits Radio, she revealed the nickname she wants to give her unborn daughter.

“I call her Kicky Perry,” Katy said, per ABC. “I love a pun.”

The constant kicking and growing haven’t slowed Katy down. She’s been more active than ever and wants to be for the sake of her baby. TV Shows Ace previously reported her beach day with Orlando and a friend.

“I’m really active right now and, you know, my doctors are like, ‘Stay active, you’re good. You’re good to go, girl!'” she said. “So, I’ve been dancing, I’ve been singing a lot.”


In another interview with The Graham Norton Show, the singer said she’s “learning to be a mom fast” while quarantining with a “three-year-old and a six-year-old and my brother has an eight-month-old baby.” She’s also been spending a lot more time with Orlando and his nine-year-old son. While Katy is used to being around kids, she’s not used to seeing them around so much.

“Kids gravitate towards me through my¬† music, so I am used to them,” Katy said, per Evening Standard, “but I am not used to being woken up really early in the morning by them staring at me from the side of my bed.”

Katy Perry is set to give birth to her first child with Orlando Bloom any day now.

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