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‘Sister Wives’: Paedon ‘Can’t Stand’ His Sister Mariah – He And Audrey Clash Over Backing Blue Lives Matter Movement

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Sister Wives‘ son, Paedon Brown took to Instagram earlier this month. He shared a post in support of “Backing the Blue.” In the comments section, his half-sister Mariah’s fiance, Audrey Kriss, attacked him for it. Fans know that Audrey and Mariah stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement. It emerged in the comments of the post, that the son of Kody simply “can’t stand” his sister.

Sister Wives – Paedon Brown and Audrey clash

We reported that Paedon probably gets no Christmas card this year. After all, Audrey and Mariah seem very active with the Black Lives Matter movement. The post also caused a lot of division between his followers. Since then, he turned off all comments. However, before that, Audrey slid into his comments and slammed him for it.

One of the Sister Wives fans suggested that he should talk to his sister Mariah. But, he’s unlikely to do that. Paedon replied saying, “a bunch of other white women [brought] up Mariah.” He added, that he feels some confusion “as to why they think she…[Makes] a difference.” Paedon ended by saying, “I love her very much but we can’t stand each other.” Possibly he meant they can’t stand each other when it comes to politics? After all, the Trump election divided many families in 2016.

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Audrey slams Paedon for his post

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup noted that Audrey responded. She shaded Paedon, accusing him of lying about what he feels toward his sister. She noted, “black lives matter and I cannot believe some of the things you said here.” She added, “you never thought that you couldn’t stand your sister.” She also said that he called her “crying’ a short time ago.”

As we previously noted, differences between the two siblings seem quite large. Paedon joined the National Guard. Meanwhile, his sister by Meri Brown went off to college. The very liberal Mariah and her fiance Audrey became strong activists for the LGBTQ community and Black Lives Matter.

Mariah cuts off family and friends who disagree with her politics

We also reported in another article, that Mariah even went so far as to tell friends and family she’d cut them off. She mentioned “voting the wrong way.” Mariah can’t stand Donald Trump and the fact that he opposes LGBTQ rights.

In the last season of Sister Wives, fans saw a very divided family. The wives and Kody bickered amongst themselves as to where they should live. They bought a property at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff. However, Kody wanted everyone in one giant mansion. Christine came out vehemently against it. Certainly, it looks very much like those divisions also extend to the children in the family.

What do you think about Paedon Brown claiming he and his sister Mariah “can’t stand” each other? Sound off in the comments below.

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