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‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Gets Snarky About Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca Closing

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RHOBH star Lisa Rinna mixes it up and brings loads of drama to the show. She gets really snarky with the rest of the cast. Now, she got that way with Lisa Vanderpump after the Bravo alum closed her Villa Blanca restaurant. She shared a meme about Lisa and it clearly mocked her former castmate.

RHOBH – Lisa Rinna mocks at Lisa Vanderpump’s misfortune

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know the women fight and back-bite each other. They also feel nothing about slamming each other on social media. Lisa Vanderpump fans just feel thankful that their “queen” got out of it at the end of Season 9. Nevertheless, the cast continually brings up Lisa’s name. If LVP moved on, it seems the rest of them didn’t. Now, after the news came that Lisa Vanderpump closed her Villa Blanca restaurant, Rinna took the opportunity to rub it in her face.

All About The Tea reported that Lisa shared a meme of the restaurant and photoshopped onto it was that old post of her running to the start of the season. The rather blurry green figure came with her message, “She just keeps running 😂.” The outlet also notes that Lisa Rinna seems to wear a lot of “pink” outfits at the moment. It suggests she’s trying to steal the thunder of Lisa well known for her love of the color. Mind you, fans know that Lisa Rinna always does a lot of things to get attention from RHOBH fans.

Many fans of the Bravo show don’t like Lisa Rinna much

For all her attention-seeking antics, many fans don’t like Lisa Rinna much. On the green dress post, it’s clear that some of them probably were Lisa Vanderpump fans from when she started in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When one critic told her she’s “got no friends,” Rinna slapped back with, “I am a friend to myself I have my own d*mn back.” Well, her mocking meme which you can see below won’t win her any friendly feelings from Lisa Vanderpump.

One RHOBH critic said to Lisa Rinna, “her only friend is her therapist probably.” Another one commented, “we can see that you a friend to yourself. I hope the other women take note and start watching their backs when it comes to you, Lisa.” But, despite her many critics, Rinna also gets loyal fans who stand up for her. One of those commented, “Lisa is such a down to earth, kind-hearted class act. Oh my gosh, I would love to be her friend. She’s funny and loyal and would be a best friend for life.”

RHOBH Lisa Rinna
RHOBH Lisa Rinna

What do you think of the snarky and mocking meme that Lisa Rinna shared about Lisa Vanderpump? Sound off in the comments below.

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