‘Counting On’ Preview: Josiah And Lauren Duggar Set Up Bella’s Nursery

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram Counting On

TLC released a new clip of the Duggar family on Counting On. In the clip, Josiah and Lauren Duggar are preparing their daughter’s nursery.

Due to filming and production times, the current season is a little bit behind on the family’s lives. So, Josiah and Lauren’s daughter is now eight months old. On social media, fans can stay up-to-date on the little family.

In the new clip from TLC, Lauren is still pregnant while the couple is working on Bella’s nursery. Lauren is sharing with Josiah her ideas for the nursery. Fans may know that the Duggar kids are pretty handy. They’re often renovating homes and building things. So, setting up the nursery shouldn’t be a hard task for Josiah.

When the clip was filmed, much of the nursery was already completed. But, the couple was just working on some of the finishing touches in the nursery prior to their baby’s arrival. In the video, Josiah gets to work on building and hanging up bookshelves in the nursery.

He also hangs a couple of pictures that feature the baby’s first and middle name. The Counting On couple explains that they love the name “Bella.” They also love the meaning of the baby’s middle name, “Milagro.” Together, her name means “beautiful miracle.”


Lauren Duggar reveals special items in Bella’s nursery

Previously, Lauren shared about some of the special things that the couple has added to Bella’s nursery. The couple also gave fans a tour of Bella’s nursery.

Some of the sentimental items in Bella‘s room include a stuffed animal from Lauren’s childhood and a wooden box that belonged to the late Grandma Mary Duggar. As mentioned, Josiah built the bookshelves for the nursery, so those are pretty special too.


When does Counting On air?

It’s unclear when this particular video clip will be on the show. It’s possible it will be a part of the next episode. Or, it may be a part of the show later in Season 11. Currently, the TLC show is in its 11th season. New episodes air on TLC every Tuesday evening at 9/8c. The upcoming episode is titled Beverly Hills Duggars. In the new episode, Jana Duggar and Jinger Vuolo go shopping in Beverly Hills. Back in Arkansas, the women gather for a “Mom’s Day In.”

So, what do you think of Bella’s nursery? Share your thoughts below.

Don’t miss the new episode of Counting On on Tuesday, July 14!

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