‘Counting On’: John And Abbie Duggar Plan Gender Reveal

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On July 7, Counting On returned to TLC. The first episode of the 11th season is a coronavirus special. The special shares about the Duggar family making it through the pandemic. Fans of the family know that they are very close-knit. So, being apart due to social-distancing guidelines was difficult. The episode shares about the family’s virtual game night. Plus, it includes clips of the individual families finding their new normal. Jessa Seewald heads to the grocery store and documents the empty aisles. Michelle Duggar makes homemade disinfectant wipes at home due to the shortages at stores.

In the official first episode of the season, John-David and Abbie Duggar have their gender reveal. At the time, the couple was expecting their first baby together. The couple set up an elaborate aviation-themed gender reveal. Now, in a new clip from TLC, the couple plans the gender reveal party.

Counting On stars John and Abbie plan gender reveal party

In the new clip from TLC, the couple is working on the party plans. In the clip, Abbie reveals that she and John know the baby’s gender. But, it’s a secret from the rest of the family until the gender reveal party.

Abbie is making a variety of sweet treats with her mom. They are making pink and blue cupcakes, as well as pink and blue dipped pretzels. Abbie explains that she and John have been referring the baby by their gender, but they have to be careful since Abbie’s parents are in town now. Abbie doesn’t want to spill the news to her mom before the rest of the family finds out at the party.

Meanwhile, John is working with his brothers and Abbie’s father to get the plane ready for the announcement. The men are sticking numbers to the underside of the plane. This all has to do with the gender reveal plan. In the Counting On clip, John explains that each guest will have a pink or blue “boarding pass.”

When the plane flies by, the guests will have to compare the numbers on their boarding pass with the numbers on the underside of the plane. The plane will fly by several times. On the last flyover, the guest with the matching number will be holding the boarding pass with the color assigned to the baby’s gender.


So, what do you think of John and Abbie’s gender reveal party plans? Share your thoughts below.

And, don’t miss the upcoming episode of Counting On! New episodes air Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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