‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Petulant With Fans, Is She Losing Popularity And A Spinoff Possibility?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans seem less happy with the TLC show following the last season. In that season, followers grew very irritated with the never-ending bickering over where everyone would live. The long-drawn-out season once again showed Meri and Kody at loggerheads. Maybe they tossed that in for variation from the mega-boring housing storyline. But, even that’s nothing new actually. Some fans hoped that one day Meri might get her own spinoff. However, now she became petulant and childish with her fans, perhaps she loses some popularity.

Sister Wives star Meri gets more criticism than she used to

Many of Meri’s fans seem very young. They see Meri on the reality TV show and totally believe Kody mistreats her. They see her crying and looking sulky, miserable, and unhappy. So, those fans feel sorry for her. More and more, they tell her to leave Kody and go get a life. She created that whole possibility. After all, she became a well-known spokesperson and successful retailer for LuLaRoe. She also owns her BNB in Parowan. So, fans wonder why she sticks around.

Occasionally, Meri gets trolls who comment on her makeup or what she wears. But certainly, there are other TV stars out there with way more trolls. But, Meri seems to be punishing her followers right now for the actions of a few. She locked down comments on June 25 so nobody can interact at all. Probably, that won’t win her too many fans. Perhaps she used her Instagram rather more to promote LuLaRoe than the show and didn’t want comments about Sister Wives on there. People become perplexed because Meri uses all those positive words in her hashtags. But on the show, she just looks unhappy. And, some people give her more criticism than she used to get.

High-maintenance Meri

On Kody Brown’s July 4 post, one critic said, “viewers don’t want to see misery and a family moving continually throughout the season and that’s all we got. There was no joy.” Another one commented that Kody’s miserable because Meri’s so “high maintenance,” like living with a sulky child. Her latest post actually sounds petulant and childlike, to illustrate the point. Ages back, a few people commented about Meri’s eyebrows. Since then, she simply switched off her comments. It seems that if everyone’s not nice to Meri, then everybody gets punished and favors withdrawn.

The Sister Wives star’s latest post harked back to these eyebrow comments. She wrote, “Just a Wednesday selfie cuz I know y’all are bored and need to be talking about my eyebrows again….” She shared a photo of her eyebrows. Then, switched off comments. Is everyone feeling suitably chastised yet? With plenty of articles going out this month, fans turn to Twitter. And, all of those articles about a possible spinoff get virtually no comments there. It seems fans simply lost interest.


Spinoff for Meri?

In early July, talk arose on Twitter about a possible spinoff for Meri. Plenty of articles went up and they stirred not an ounce of excitement judging by the lack of retweets and poor interaction. The Hollywood Gossip raised the possibility again on July 10. But, they also noted that Meri’s fan base across social media comes in at way fewer than people like Tori Roloff. It certainly seems that if Meri keeps pushing away the bulk of her fans because of some trolls, she’s unlikely to get many more that might justify a spinoff for the Sister Wives star.

What do you think? Is Meri doing the right thing by acting petulantly and seemingly punishing her fans? Sound off in the comments below.

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