‘Southern Charm’ Alum Cameran Eubanks Warns Tourists To Stay Away From COVID-19 Hotspot Charleston

Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm says stay away from Charleston

Fans have been asking Southern Charm alum, Cameran Eubanks for advice. They want to know about restaurants to visit in her home town of Charleston. Cameran hit her Instagram Stories to warn followers to stay “far away” from the city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Southern Charm alum Cameran Eubanks warns fans

As things gradually start opening up again, fans are interested in knowing more about Charleston, SC. Cameran lives there with her husband, Jason Wimberly and their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Palmer Corinne. Followers believe she is a good person to ask advice. However, the Southern Charm alum has updated her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to warn her fans not to visit.

In her post, Cameran writes people are messaging her saying they are coming to Charleston this weekend on vacation. They want restaurant recommendations from her. Horrified, Eubanks immediately points out that Charleston is leading the country in new coronavirus cases. She says, “Charleston is literally NUMBER ONE.”

Cameran’s husband Jason is a physician. This leads Cameran to say his hospital is starting to experience a high volume of patients. This has resulted in another personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage at the hospital. She writes that her advice to all is to “stay far away from Charleston.”

Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm says stay away from Charleston
Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm says stay away from Charleston [Image @camwimberly1/Instagram]

South Carolina is third in the world for new cases

On another slide in her Instagram Stories, Cameran went on to share a graph. This lists locations with the most new coronavirus cases per million residents over the last week. The Southern Charm alum points out South Carolina is also “third in the WORLD” for new cases on that list. In the graph, it shows clearly Arizona at the top, followed by Florida and then South Carolina.

Looking at the New York Times data reveals South Carolina has had around 48,909 positive cases of COVID-19. There have been 884 deaths relating to the virus. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control confirmed 934 new cases as of Tuesday this week. Meanwhile, 82 of these cases are in Charleston County.

The Department of Health has confirmed 19 more deaths on Tuesday from the virus. The report also states 1,324 hospital beds are currently occupied by patients. These patients are either positive or still waiting test results for the novel coronavirus. People living in the state are encouraged to wear a mask in public, practice social distancing, avoid being in groups and to wash their hands often. Should anyone feel sick, they are urged to stay home.

Southern Charm alum opened up in April

Eubanks had made her voice heard in April when South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster opened up the state’s economy.  Sharing a direct message from a healthcare worker on Instagram Stories, Cameran stated, “IT’S TOO EARLY.” She writes that while she is a “dimwit” on a reality TV show, medical doctors spend half their life at school.

The former reality star says they agree it is too early to open up the state. Eubanks goes on to ask them who they are consulting in the medical field while making the decision. She told them she could send some names over to them. She had also called on McMaster earlier in April to issue a stay-at-home order in the state.

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