Laine Hardy releases Tiny Town

Laine Hardy Releases His New Single ‘Tiny Town’

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Laine Hardy releases new music more frequently these days. As his fan base grows, they start calling for more of his music on the radio. Now he recently rolled out Tiny Town. Plenty of fans say that relate to it. Laine shared a link to it on iTunes, and also shared the music video on YouTube.

Laine Hardy drops his new single Tiny Town

Laine’s new song sounds very country, and that raspy voice pleases his fan very much. But, his words really hit home. Certainly, anyone who grew up in a small place gets what he says in the song. He notes in the song, “people wave when you go by.” He goes on about how nobody cares if they don’t drive a flashy car. They just feel “happy they ain’t walkin.” People who live in tiny towns live “by the good book,” and you catch a little “twang when they’re talking.”

The American Idol winner also describes in the song, liquor stores, and hardwood boards. Then, Laine Hardy sings about how he’d give anything to be “back in my tiny town.” Actually fans easily imagine him penning those lines somewhere in a huge city on tour. He always made sure he kept his roots back home in Livingston. Laine goes back home as often. He sings about the churches “packed” on Sunday mornings and how a  fishing pole keeps the kids busy on the weekends. Those words bring back memories for many of his fans.

Fans related to Laine’s Tiny Town lyrics

On the YouTube post that Laine shared, many fans relate to the words of that song. One fan noted, “I think so many of us…relate to this song. Everyone still meets at a tiny family owned restaurant.” They noted all the people they grew up with and their school days. That fan added, “this song…touched my heart. Thanks for recording it. .It sounds beautiful…a voice as smooth as butter.” Another one commented, “Omg I cried my eyes balls out.” They explained that they lived in the “tiny town of Tillamook, Oregon. Now I miss it I live in Deltona, Florida.”

Laine Hardy’s fans approve and another one wrote about their own Tiny Town, “Loranger.” For them, much like Laine, Louisiana remains home no matter where they go. “I may hate it sometimes but it will always be my forever home.” Meanwhile, plenty of fans requested that Laine’s music gets heard on the radio. We reported that fans clamor for it as apparently, radio stations tell them Laine’s music never got sent to them. As one fan noted, “Good job……..the radio stations should fall in love with this Tiny Town.”

Laine Hardy’s new single, Tiny Town features on iTunes.


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