Laine Hardy Fans Request Hollywood Records Send Out His Music To Radio Stations

Laine hardy

Laine Hardy, the winner of American Idol 2019, slowly releases more music. He’s home right now with the coronavirus but seems fine. He shares on Instagram while on his quarantine time. In one post, fans requested that Hollywood Records release his music to radio stations.

Laine Hardy shared an acoustic version on of The Ground I Grew Up On

A week ago, Laine shared the acoustic version of The Ground I Grew Up On. Fans love it. And, they clamor for more music. Unfortunately, he cut his tour short because of the coronavirus. So, fans thirst for more music from him. His own case of COVID-19 seems to be mild and he also shared some photos of the town welcome boards that mention it’s his hometown. In the comments on that post, Laine said that he’s working on fan videos that should come soon.

Laine’s got enough music now, fans feel, that CDs could come, out. Plus, they want more of him on the radio. Laine won the talent show in a blaze of glory. Since then, new numbers came very slowly. At one stage, he felt he struggled a bit creating new music. But he saved the day when he released Ground You Grew Up on. He rescheduled his summer tour. But, fans just can’t get enough of him and really want his music out on the radio.

Fans request Laine on radio stations

Hollywood Records responded to Laine when he shared the photo of the town welcome board. Fans noticed, and talked about music on the radio for Laine. One said, “@hollywoodrecords keep them coming, he has enough great music for a CD. And enough to be on the radio. I never get tired of listening to that voice.” Another fan wrote, “please release Laine Hardy’s music to radio stations. He is a very talented musician whose music should be heard worldwide.”

It seems that people call into local radio stations and request Laine Hardy. But, they never sent out the music. One fan noted, “please send to radio stations. They are saying you have not sent songs when people request to play.” Other fans also said they want Laine on radio stations. It’s not clear why Laine misses an opportunity for his music reach. After all, radio still attracts a lot of listeners even in today’s high-technology age.

Aspiring musicians often use radio

Laine’s in a very lucky position. Most aspiring musicians struggle for an agent. And, they struggle with exposure. Balance Careers note that it’s not all that easy to feature on the radio. It helps a lot if an agent or music promo company works on behalf of the musician. Laine already got loads of people who work on his promotions and tours. Maybe Hollywood Records plans something for radio stations in the near future.

What do you think about Laine Hardy’s music not getting played on radio stations? Would you like to hear more of him? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t understand the problem of of the fans not being able to see and hear such a star. I think one of the stars today like Luke Bryan giving him a chance by touring with him. He knows what a star he is and could give him a break. No one better than Luke to do that. He had to have some breaks along the way. You listening Luke?

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